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I agree with the article on that one. A word that is often used to dehumanize people.

If a project is late, we can just "throw in more resources"!

One of my co-workers was once told by the business product owner to get her application finished in unreasonable time. When he expressed his concerns, she basically told him that she would replace him any time with a bunch of "developers from the street" who would get the job done faster than him.

Comment Re: Double Standard (Score 1) 60

Please mod parent up.. I was born and raised in Syria, and lived there most of my life. Like parent, I'm tired of hearing misinformtion about Syria. Assad couldn't be any farther from being called Islamist. Not sure where GP got his information from. Assad regime is a secular repressive dictatorship. To portray the war in Syria as mostly religion motivated is a big distortion of the complex multidimensional situation. Many people who stood against the Assad regime are secular. Many of them ended up being in prison or even killed by that regime. I myself am an atheist and I'm against that regime. I do have a lot of muslim, christian, and athiest friends there who are equally opposed to that regime, and are calling for a secular democracy. Did the Islamist groups manage to get all the attention in the media? I think so. However, talking about the islamists as if there were all that exists there is a big distortion that only empowers the Assad and ISIL, while marginalizing the role of the moderate and secular groups that are calling for a secular democracy.

Comment Re:A Simple Retort (Score 1) 556

The nature of God is such that it cannot be proven. Otherwise, we lose the choice to believe.

Belief is not a choice.

For example, you don't have the choice to believe that you exist. You either believe that, or don't.

If I wake up one day and say today I'm choosing to believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I'd be just pretending to believe in Him. Of course if I actually truly believed in His Noodly Appendage, then I wouldn't have the choice to simply un-blieve in Him anytime I like. Otherwise I would just be pretending.


Submission + - Bitcoin Exchange BitFloor Shut after Attacker Steals 24,000 BTC (

hypnosec writes: An attacker managed to access an unencrypted backup of wallet keys and steal 24,000 BTC equaling more than a quarter of a million USD following which Bitcoin exchange Bitfloor has been shutdown while the investigation of theft is going on. The attack was carried out sometime last night because of which Roman Shtylman – founder of Bitfloor suspended operations of the exchange. While we are writing this, the exchange rate of 1BTC is $10.40 US, taking the total value of the heist to $250,800 US. You can check the current rates through Preev. In a forum post, Shtylman has urged Bitcoin users that BitFloor needs their help.

Comment Re:Free market for the win (Score 4, Informative) 644

"There still isn't a fully functional equivalent of AdBlock Plus even"
Yes there is...

From the same page you referred to:

We are currently working on providing the same experience for Google Chrome as what you are used to from Firefox. Please keep in mind that we are not there yet and much work still needs to be done. There are also known Google Chrome bugs and limitations that need to be resolved.

Submission + - John McCarthy, creator of LISP closes his last par (

Centurix writes: "The creator of Lisp and arguably the father of modern artificial intelligence, John McCarthy, died today. He studied mathematics with the famous John Nash at Princeton and, notably, held the first “computer-chess” match between scientists in the US and the USSR. He transmitted the moves by telegraph."

Comment Re:Easy to remedy (Score 5, Insightful) 147

Now explain to my grandmother, who just got her first email last week, how and why she needs to do that.

On the other hand, the oppressive governments over there will LOVE that. It's probably even better than insecure FB or Twitter since everything ultimately goes to the people's emails.
As someone from one the mentioned countries, I'd like to ask Microsoft, do you realize now you might be very well putting many people at a greater risk of being arrested or killed. People are being KILLED for expressing some of their opinions in some of these places these days.


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