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Comment Re:Nonstandard gauge (Score 2) 474

On the other hand, ride quality goes a long way towards inducing people to ride. Poor ride quality, means fewer people, and only those people who have no other alternative, which makes on-going funding and maintenance difficult. At the time the system was new, I'm certain that making sure there was enough ridership to support the system was of high concern.

Of course, with the reported current ridership, it looks like they did a fine job. Now, if they had properly estimated the ongoing maintenance and operation costs, they should be running with a tidy profit for maintenance and retrofit.

Comment Re:Prior art? (Score 1) 129

The obvious issue is that you are the one showing up. Instead you need to write an app that connects people that want to be "nothing at all like a lawyer" with people who are willing be defended by those. You get a cut of all fees of course, regardless of the outcome of the trial.

That way, the people actually breaking the any laws or regulations, or having any liability are not you. You are just facilitating two people meeting who are making their own personal arrangements between themselves. Maybe you are providing some price guidance and offering billing and payment services, but it's still just the two individuals involved doing the transaction.

Comment Re: The farther left you go, the more you lose (Score 1, Funny) 284

What they should do is not criminalize it, but loudly and often let everyone know that future policy will be based on the results of they survey.

That way, when all the paranoid conservatives don't fill it out because the don't want the 'gubmint to know dey bidnez'. All policy will be based around gay muslims, who did fill out the forms.

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