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Comment Re:technological overconfidence (Score 2) 235

"when a hydroelectric damn collapses..." the nuclear power plants which rely on the man-made lake created by the damn melt down. Take a look at how many nuclear reactors depend on man-made lakes as their ultimate heat sinks.. Here are the actual requirements: Here is a list of reactors:

Comment Re:Vector vs Raster graphics (Score 1) 271

I worked at a company which, in the mid 80s, made a high resolution broadcast quality character generator for titling. RAM was so expensive even then that it become worthwhile to compress the image using run-length coding into a small amount of video RAM, and repeatedly decompress on the fly for screen refresh. This was implemented with a large number of TTL MSI logic chips, but was still less expensive than full raster RAM (1440x480 x 18 bits I think).

Comment not possible due to 1/f noise... (Score 1) 239

I'm not paying the $30 to read the paper, but how do they overcome 1/f noise? You can get arbitrarily high noise disturbances if you wait long enough. See: Though I guess this can be fixed with an error correction protocol involving copies stored at long distances, but you can do that with any media.

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