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Comment Re:The reason terrorists keep terrorizing (Score 2, Interesting) 317

They do qualify as terrorists if they watch jehadi videos and generally hate America inspite of living there. Some of the tough neighbourhood gangs also do a pretty good job of terrorizong the people living in their area. But its only due to money, drugs, prostitution, etc which qualify as legitimate capitalist enterprise.

Did the Spamhaus DDoS Really Slow Down Global Internet Access? 70

CowboyRobot writes "Despite the headlines, the big denial of service attack may not have slowed the Internet after all. The argument against the original claim include the fact that reports of Internet users seeing slowdowns came not from service providers, but the DDoS mitigation service CloudFlare, which signed up Spamhaus as a customer last week. Also, multiple service providers and Internet watchers have now publicly stated that while the DDoS attacks against Spamhaus could theoretically have led to slowdowns, they've seen no evidence that this occurred for general Internet users. And while some users may have noticed a slowdown, the undersea cable cuts discovered by Egyptian sailors had more of an impact than the DDoS."

Comment Rule of Law (Score 1) 482

As I had said earlier..... this kind of arbitrariness and disrespect for rule of law is becoming more prevalent in the US of A. To non-Americans, the lure of America was the Rule of Law. ....."Despite wide use by politicians, judges and academics, the rule of law has been described as "an exceedingly elusive notion"[4] giving rise to a "rampant divergence of understandings ... everyone is for it but have contrasting convictions about what it is"

Comment Don't ban but talk about it (Score 1) 335

I consider myself to be a safe driver. The ban on using cellphone driving has not prevented me from quietly using the cellphone. But hearing all that talk about 'using cellphone while driving is dangerous' has actually made me very careful while using the cellphone. I do not use it whenever the condition requires that I concentrate 100% on the road given the driving conditions at that time. . # High cellphone usage = lots of calls, either professional or personal = high stress levels = bad reflexes/focus = major risk of accident

Comment Re:Pool ressources (Score 5, Interesting) 212

This is very interesting. Nobody says this to the US or European countries or Japan or China that you solve all your problems first before going in for scientific advancement. Even the richest of countries have the homeless and the destitute. The US should not go in for the Mars or Voyager or Pioneer missions as there still are some homeless people in New York? NASA's achievements are followed all over the World as the achievement of human-kind. Moreover, India is not a tin-pot dictatorship where things are done on the whims and fancies of the dictator. The middle-class in India is larger than the population of the whole of the US. They should not have any aspirations?

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