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Comment Re:well done (Score 1, Offtopic) 272

You are correct, sir. I can tell you this because I have lived there. Plus I am English, and most of us just know this.

Actually, Leicester is easy compared to some place names in England. Shrewsbury is interesting, as not even the locals can agree (~"Shroos-b'ry" [rhymes with "shoes"] vs. ~"Shrose-bury" [rhymes with "throws"]) (pardon my phonetics [not to mention my nested parentheses]). I think it has something to do with which side of the river you live, but I haven't actually lived there so don't know the full details.

Probably best not to mention Slaithwaite or Featherstonehaugh.

Comment Re:This will come as good news... (Score 5, Funny) 530

I was a MENSA member for a very short while. They told me I had an IQ of 158. I didn't know what it meant, so maybe I wasn't that smart. I was smart enough to work out within the first 12 months that the overpriced annual subscription bought me nothing but a mag full of spam, and the opportunity to associate with a bunch of people who like to feel smart.

Comment Help! I am dumb! (Score 1) 1

First of all, I didn't download any piggies, good or bad, at all. But as someone who doesn't generally get bitten in the ass by this sort of thing, I'm concerned that I don't understand why I would be expected to know which versions of a game exist or do not. What is it that makes a Chrome version of the game so obviously a trap? Or am I really dumb? Please be gentle.

Comment Back in your lair, ignorant techie! (Score 2) 16

Anyone who believes that specialists ought not to have or to express opinions outside of their field is a f***ing moron. Especially if they believe that one person's outspokenness reflects on an entire community. That would be like suggesting that every moronic thing Mitt Romney says reflects poorly on the Republican community.

Submission + - Recommendations for Live Video Coverage of NASA MSL Curiosity EDL, Mon Aug 6 (

neiljt writes: I'm really grateful to NASA for scheduling the arrival of MSL Curiosity just half an hour before the start of my working day (~05:30 GMT on Mon 6 Aug). This means I can be sitting at my workstation with a fresh cup of coffee and watch the show. Apart from the NASA mission pages, does anyone have recommendations for streamed video coverage on the day?

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