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Comment Re: This is Why... (Score 1) 112


Unless your gear is expensive and fragile. I try not to let UPS / FedEx touch that at all. Even when protected in something like a Pelican case with full insurance.

They seem to play rugby with that stuff for some reason. :/

If you gotta do it though, do all of the above and send it overnight. The less time it's in their hands the better.

Comment Goals (Score 3, Insightful) 92

Consequences or true motivations aside, if they can get a viable genetic treatment to work, it would be stupid not to cheer them on.

Cancer is one of our biggest killers and, to date, our methods of dealing with it are nearly as harmful as the cancer itself.

A year or two of treatments can easily bankrupt a person with zero guarantees the treatments will even be successful.

Technology and advances in science can be downright scary depending on intended use but we would not be what we are today without the willingness to take that risk.

Comment Re:How smart is Snowden, exactly? (Score 4, Interesting) 106

Well, unlike everyone else, he puts the issue into the spotlight for everyone to see.

Since he has some privileged insights on how our intelligence agencies like to do things, this makes his opinion a bit more useful than the folks who merely theorized at what our government was doing.

One of my greatest interests lie in those documents we've never seen made public. What information did he obtain that he thought was extremely relevant, but has never been released to the public by those he trusted with that very task ? Of the thousands of documents he had access to, we've seen what a dozen or so ?

What and why would they still withhold that information ?

Comment Hell No (Score 4, Insightful) 336

A few years ago, I purchased what I thought were genuine Nikon batteries for use in my cameras.

Once they arrived, I took a very good look at them and determined they were, in fact, counterfeit.
( They had official looking hologram stickers and whatnot, but were not the real thing )

I returned them and ended up purchasing the batteries through a local dealer instead.

Now, while some will say " What's the big deal ? ", if a problem develops within those batteries and
it ends up destroying your $$$$ camera, you can bet Nikon would tell me " Too Bad for you ". Otoh,
if a genuine Nikon battery does the same thing, Nikon would probably be a bit more sympathetic since
it is their official product that I'm buying.

Bottom line: If I cannot trust Amazon and / or the sellers who operate through Amazon to deliver genuine
products, I will simply cease using Amazon to purchase any of it.

It's that simple.

Comment Just add a filter (Score 1) 319

Leave the Anonymous Posting capability in place, but implement a mechanism that allows those who are logged in to completely filter out posts by the AC types.
Make it a checkbox or something in your profile settings, I dunno. Make it a bonus ability to those who have decent karma. ( Like the ability to disable ads )

If I see one more post about COWS GO MOOOOOO I swear . . . . .

Comment Ugh (Score 1) 52

Scripts that watch temperature parameters doth not make an Artificial Intelligence.
It's a sensationalized way of saying Google finally put a programmable thermostat into their data centers.

( " Joe wrote a script to control the AC " doesn't quite come across with the same flair now does it ? )

When someone finally DOES give berth to a legitimate AI, we're going to have to redefine the term I think because
comparing Google's new thermostat to a true AI system would be akin to comparing a match head to the GD Sun. :facepalm:

Submission + - Plea to Cisco: Fix CCIE written exam (

netbuzz writes: Tom Hollingsworth, a CCIE and author of a blog called “The Networking Nerd,” has issued a blistering critique of Cisco’s CCIE routing and switching written exam. “The discontent is palpable,” according to Hollingsworth, writing from last week’s Cisco Live conference. “From what I’ve heard around Las Vegas this week, it’s time to fix the CCIE Written Exam.” Cisco’s response: “We are always open to feedback and looking for ways to improve and evolve our programs so they remain at the forefront of the industry."

Submission + - Marine Vs Hilary Clinton Mishandling Classified Information (

godatum writes: This Marine only sent one email and now is pending separation from the Marines. How many emails did Hilary send?
From Article: "Maj. Jason Brezler, a Marine Corps Reservist, who has served four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and has some 16 years in uniform came under fire for mishandling classified information in 2012."

Marine seeks appeal of classified data case citing breaks given to Hillary

Comment The Timing (Score 2) 180

is most amusing.

Easily going to be the most controversial election in the history of our country and we're going to further limit the ability to catch any bullshit that is likely to happen.
Not that it matters, no matter who wins, ( Ego A or Ego B ) we all lose anyway.

I think it would shock folks more if the election happened without any sneaky, underhanded bullshit.

Comment Pffff (Score 0) 1126

Quit trying to bend half the planet to your will through the use of military tech and might, and we can easily afford a Universal Basic Income.

Hell, it would be shocking what we can afford to do if we weren't buying billion dollar bombers or trying to overthrow some non-Us friendly government this week.

Comment Technology Buzz Words (Score 1) 89

The media likes to throw around the term A.I. a lot these days and, unless I'm gravely mistaken, we have nothing even close to resembling one.
I'm probably wrong, but I'm of the opinion that a full blown A.I. is a fully sentient being capable of making its own decisions and rivaling / exceeding its creators in just about everything we're capable of.

Writing scripts and programs are fine. Just call them out for what they are.

Artificial Intelligence it is not.

That is all.

Comment Perhaps (Score 1) 86

this time around, those funds will come with some concrete conditions before they get paid out.

I will provide you with X amount of funding IFF you can show you have added Y amount of coverage over Z amount of time. Fail to meet those
obligations will require you to pay back any funding you receive.

While we're at it, perhaps we could add some riders on there as well.

BEFORE we give you any additional funding, you need to demonstrate why we should give a Telecom who makes Billions of dollars every quarter any taxpayer money at all. ( Considering what you did with the previous funds we provided for you )

In addition, we should talk about those silly data caps, high prices, throttling and your reluctance to embrace Network Neutrality before writing you that check.

Comment News at 11 (Score 1) 103

The MPAA / RIAA and various overzealous governments have a tendency to erode privacy efforts in an effort to sustain their current methods of doing things.

Thus, it should come as no surprise to anyone that new technology / ideas are used to help regain some of what was lost.

Instead of trying to buy laws via your local corrupt politician, perhaps you should put some effort into figuring out WHY folks resort to such measures instead.

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