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Comment The moral of this story (Score 2) 358

If you ever embarass the United States Government, there is no limit to the amount of time, resources and, if necessary, dirty or downright illegal tricks to ruin your life.

Their reaction, however, pretty much legitimizes the Wikileaks documents as no one puts this much effort into removing a source vs disproving false information.

It's hilarious the USG would rather go after the messenger vs leading by example and just following the rules.

Quit doing illegal shit and there won't be much to report on will there ? :|

Comment Re: This can't POSSIBLY go wrong! (Score 1) 84

"Depends where you live, the American banks chose to go for chip and signature while the European banks (and afaict most other countries) went for chip and pin."

Which explains why my new chip card was compromised within a week of receiving it.
One of the staff at the restaurants we frequent bought themselves a porn subscription apparently.

Text alert let me shut it down, but the card was still compromised.

Security theater is all it is.

Comment Re: Make America Great (Score 1) 619

"People want cheaper and cheaper products so wages will go down or stagnate to allow that. "

Perhaps you have it backwards.

Cheap products are popular due to stagnant wages and / or a suppressed economy.

Given the choice, and the ability to afford it, most would choose the more expensive / reliable product vs the cheap one they have to settle for.

Comment Did we really need a survey ? (Score 4, Insightful) 343

For those who don't have their nose in their phone 24/7, a quick glance around you on the freeway will show you what we already know.

Many of the drivers buzzing along at 80+mph are only half paying attention to the road. The rest of their time is devoted to doing whatever on their smartphone.
This isn't limited to vehicular traffic, the same holds true for walkers, joggers and even folks on bicycles.

Personally, if someone drives off a cliff and removes themselves from the gene pool due to this sort of stupidity, I would have little issue with the matter.
However, the problem is these snowflakes are putting EVERYONE at risk with their behavior and it's painfully obvious that asking nicely and Public Service Announcements are doing little to curb it.

In the past, when I've tried to nicely point out to the driver who is weaving all over the roadway because they're playing with their phone instead of paying attention to the road, it's nearly started fights. They KNOW they're in the wrong, yet go full stupid when someone calls attention to it. Have actually had folks stop the car in the middle of the road and jump out wanting to fight. Or they go full road rage mode, hit the gas, jump in front of you and slam on the brakes.

All for trying to get them to simply put the phone down and drive the fucking car :|

Hell, we recently had an incident here where the driver of a large non-commercial truck was all over the place because they were playing on the damn phone. Others saw this, recorded it, called 911 to report it and nothing was done. The truck later veered into an oncoming lane and hit a bus head on. Killed quite a few folks if I recall.

The days of asking folks nicely are over.

Self-drive cars will be one option, but even at their current pace it will be a decade or more before they are ready for the average driver. Much longer before we see a majority of them on the roadways.

Near Field, RFID or a simple low power xmitter built into the car designed to set a bit in the phone when powered up could be used to disable all but emergency functions of a phone while in motion. This would greatly annoy passengers*, but since we're done asking nicely, it is what it is. Since the carrot isn't working, we have to resort to the stick instead.

*We managed it in the days before cell phones. You'll live. I promise.

We could severely increase the penalties if caught while driving distracted with one. Give it the same rules as a DUI / DWI since the outcome, more often than not, is the same. Crank the penalties up. $200 is laughable. $2000 per infraction stings a bit more. Confiscate the phone, the vehicle and revocation of the drivers license is much more eye-opening.

Sound harsh ?

Remember, this stupid behavior is putting everyone else at risk so I would rather see folks lose their possessions than someone else lose their life. If you're still willing to play with your phone while driving with these types of penalties in play, then you certainly don't deserve to have a license to drive to begin with.

So, this being Slashdot and all, I'm guaranteed to get flamed to death for even suggesting the above, but the fix for a problem doesn't begin until you can admit you have one to begin with. Everyone that is guilty of said behavior is in flat out denial that it's a problem at all.

That being said, ( again, since this is Slashdot ) what realistic technology options could be implemented today to solve the problem ?

Comment Not only no, but hell no (Score 2) 149

The exit / entry point for data is going to be that specific router in your home, regardless of what logical separation of traffic is going on.

As a result, if $shady_user is doing something stupid while connected to that device, all eyes are going to be on the owner or location of said device.

We all know LE doesn't grasp the concept of " an IP address isn't an individual ", nor does it stop them from kicking down doors authorized via a warrant. ( Warrants always specify a specific address / location. If it doesn't, it isn't valid. )

They only know where the hardware resides, thus that's usually where they're headed with guns, battering rams, attitude and itchy trigger fingers.

Technical explanations to the contrary while at gunpoint and / or in handcuffs are lost on folks whose expertise is limited to which end of the gun should be pointed at bad guy.

No thank you.

Comment I'm sure (Score 1) 113

it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the majority of Americans have zero choices in the broadband market as it exists today.
( We're pretty tired of paying $$$$ for mediocre service due, in total, to the monopoly status granted by existing laws )

If you want a decent internet connection, you'll have exactly one possible choice to go with and it's very much their way or the highway.
( Note I said the majority of us. Some of you lucky bastards have Google Fiber or what's left of Fios as competition in your area. The truly
unlucky ones will have a piss poor DSL connection over an aging copper plant the Telco doesn't even want to maintain anymore. )

Basically, since our politicians are bought and paid for by the various industries ( in this case, the Cable and Telco lobbies ) our only
recourse is to try and get enough new folks in place to make some common sense changes before the Lobby Vampires get too cozy.

Comment Humility (Score 3, Insightful) 339

It's not that we fall for the narcissistic types, rather the humble among us typically do not seek positions of power.
( They wouldn't be very humble if they did now would they ? )

Our elections are akin to being asked to hammer in a nail, but only given a choice between a screwdriver, a corkscrew or a hacksaw to get it done :|
They're certainly all tools, but none one of them are really suitable for the task at hand. ( Don't you dare ask for the proper tool. )

Then, when we're forced to finally make a choice, it's always the same bullshit from both sides of the fence for years.
" You chose to go with X ! See how poorly it's doing ? It was obviously a poor choice. You should have chosen Y or Z ! "

The best tools for the job are out there, we're simply not given the option to select one based on how our system is setup.

Comment No offense but (Score 3, Insightful) 239

If they broaden that scope a bit, they might note that STEM degrees are in decline overall. ( Unless you're in India )

Due, in no small part, to the current business practice of bringing in H1-B labor for pennies on the dollar. The reasoning being to cut wage costs for everyone who isn't at the executive pay scale. All the while playing the victim card of " We can't find qualified candidates locally " ( Translates to: We don't want to pay domestic market wages for this position )

In this work environment, it wouldn't matter if folks were given access to the most amazing math classes the world has to offer. The folks capable of taking those classes are all too aware of what awaits them in that career field, post education. Debt, with little chance of getting a decent paying job if they have to compete with the H1-B folks.

The smart ones simply choose not to play the game and find another career choice.

Regardless of gender.

Comment Not just college grads (Score 2) 245

For the most part, wages have been stagnant across the board for pretty much everyone in the middle class and below for quite some time.


It isn't just limited to those with a college degree.

In addition, the price increase of a degree has far, Far, FAR outpaced wages and will eventually reach a point that you'll have to consider if getting a degree ( and the enormous amount of debt that will come with it ) will be worth it or not in the future job markets.

Comment Note to self (Score 1) 547

If you -ever- plan on running for office, I suggest you avoid the internet completely.

The next candidate to replace Trump is going to have their search and web history under the spotlight for everyone to see. Go ahead and tell me it won't be weaponized to " dissuade " certain folks from running for office.

Those skeletons in the closet ? hhahahahaha

Not anymore :D

Comment It's all about perspective (Score 1) 347

Just to point out the obvious:

The average non-Slashdot type will not know how to do much with their computer other than use it. Barely.

When it ceases to do what they want, in their eyes, the computer is broke.

Not, maybe a driver needs to be installed. Or the OS needs to be reloaded, or specific pieces of hardware need to be replaced.

The damn thing is broken. Period. Fix it.

They go to Best Buy armed with that information and tell the associate " My computer is broken " and are kindly steered towards the new computer section.

Additionally, if the computer has some years on it, the " failure " is merely the final straw for folks to upgrade to a new one.

Make sure to keep the perspective of your average user in mind before passing judgement on the whole thing.

Besides, MS forcing updates has to stop. If this lawsuit didn't happen, another one will eventually when a forced patch borks everything up.

Comment Re: Missing operant term (Score 1) 233


One well placed undercover officer or paid nobody can turn a peaceful demonstration into a violent one in a hurry.

Even IF you're following all the rules, if someone in charge decides they're tired of your cute little protest, they'll put the undercover in play to " justify " the use of force to remove you.

Comment In some areas (Score 2) 143

You can't GET the higher speed internet tiers unless you also subscribe to either cable or voice.

You can get the basic tier, but nothing useful unless you're grandfathered in.

I kicked around upgrading to 100mb service and decided against it after doing the math on how much I would have to spend monthly on cable and hardware fees.

Yes it's Comcast / Xfinity. No there isn't an alternative.

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