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Comment Simple Fix (Score 1) 66

Your in-house coders create their own Instant Messaging application.
All messages are encrypted in transit and flow through centralized company owned servers where any and all messages can be retained for however long you need them to be.

Ours supports simple text messaging, behind the scenes encryption, file transfers, multi-user group meetings, screen sharing / remote access, employee searches, etc. etc. It's probably more robust than many commercial texting systems are.

Hell, I even get a daily digest of all my messages in an email so I can keep them for record purposes and future referencing myself.

Comment Re:Two Things, maybe Three (Score 1) 402

Oh and one other thing. . . . . .

If the telemetry data you're collecting isn't personal or identifiable data ( as is always the claim ), then you have no reason to hide it behind encryption and we should be able to both see AND approve the release of any telemetry related information before it is transmitted.

Comment Two Things, maybe Three (Score 1) 402

Just two simple things will encourage me to upgrade to Windows 10

1) Allow us to disable all your telemetry features without having to air-gap the system.
2) Allow all users ( not just enterprise ) to disable your automatic-updates

Remedy those two issues and I'll move on past Windows 7 for my internet connected systems.

or !

I'll even entertain a third option.

That being Microsoft assumes full financial responsibility for any and all productivity loss due to the release of one of their " forced " updates.

Comment Re: Threshold (Score 1) 402

What is the unemployment threshold going to be?
When unemployment caused by automation, robotics, etc reaches 10%?

* * * * *

I suppose it depends on which metric we will be using.

The true one which includes everone out of work, or the published one which conveniently leaves out those who have exhausted their unemployment benefits and are no longer a variable in those calculations.

Comment Re:WHOOPEE! (Score 1) 185

Did you say Pension ?

Pensions are on the endangered species list last I checked. Only those who have been in the workforce for quite a while ( say 20+ ) years will be the ones who will still have a pension available to them.

Even in my own company, which is a Fortune 500 flavor, pensions are being phased out.
If you hired on after a certain date, you are no longer eligible for one. Better put some extra into your savings plan.

Full healthcare benefits ( that are affordable ) are going to be another rarity in new careers / jobs. Mine have gone from Amazing to Shit in a few short years. ( coincides with the ACA actually )

So to find a job with all of your points intact, would be an amazing find for anyone I think.

Comment Re:This is one company (Score 1) 185

This is how all administrations " roll ".
Regardless if they had any hand in it whatsoever, if it happens during their tenure, then they'll take the credit or blame for it.

For example, take the economy.

If it tanks over the next four years, the Trump haters will have millions more joining their ranks.
If it improves, a lot of folks may have a change of heart.

It won't make any difference if Trump directly or indirectly does anything to reach those results.
He will, however, either get the blame or the praise for it.

That's just how it works.

Comment A little late (Score 4, Insightful) 74

coming to this conclusion isn't it ?

Considering the new administration may or may not wish to agree with your assessment.
Where was this brilliant insight back when they started behavior ?

It's lovely you all think it's a violation now, but there may be nothing you can do about it at this point.

Good Job :|

Comment Todays Bleeding Edge (Score 1) 238

is tomorrows old news.

I don't pay ungodly prices for brand new tech anymore. Been burned too many times on that one. ( Bought one of the first HDTV's that didn't have HDMI :| )
When the prices of the tech I want comes down to something reasonable, and I actually need it, then I'll buy it.

Until then, I don't care if Angels Sing and lightrays from God himself powers the damn thing, it will sit on the shelf at the store.

Comment That's nice (Score 2) 156

I've already opted out of their damn mandatory updates.

The tablet I use ( Wacom Studio Pro ) simply isn't allowed to connect to the internet. I transfer all files I create on the tablet to my main system via USB stick or just upload it to the local NAS. I do not, and will never, allow a Windows 10 system to talk unrestricted outside of my local network.

As such, the tablet performs flawlessly and I don't worry about some untested bullshit Redmond pushes out that will deny me use of my hardware. In the event I ever load software that requires a periodic connection to a server, I'll simply block everything except the server address ( or the address block of the company that owns the software, Eg: Adobe ) let it say hello, then go dark again until the next hello is required.

When MS starts getting fined or slammed with lawsuits for releasing shoddy updates, they may be a bit more stringent in their QA testing before they release it.

Comment Re:Here's a downside. (Score 1) 168

"If generalized beyond patent trolling suits it could severely limit the ability of shallow-pocket plaintiffs to obtain legal council on a contingency fee basis to obtain redress for the torts that damaged, and perhaps impoverished, them.

The result would be that the legal system becomes accessible only to the rich."

I'm not entirely sure about that.

What it will do is force the lawfirms to be a lot more picky about what cases they pick up. They'll pretty much limit themselves only to those cases which have a greater chance of success.

Comment Re:What about globalism? (Score 1) 483

The easy fix for California's arrogance is this:

Turn off Federal Funding for the entire State until they decide to play ball.
If not, they can fund their little Utopia on their own.

They'll defiantly hold out until the next disaster shows up, then they'll be
begging for Federal Aid and blame everyone else when no Federal Funds
are dumped on them.

To be honest, that fix works for ANY State that decides not to play the
game according to the rules. Only those States that have a budget surplus
and don't require Federal Funding are immune to it. ( Which are few, if any )

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