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Comment Re: defense versus health and human services. (Score 1) 472

Easy answer: Because, due to a lack of regulation, we have the most expensive Health Care industry on the planet.

When you allow Big Pharma and Hospitals to essentially charge whatever they want, you end up with those ludicrous trillion dollar budgets to deal with.

Regulate some common sense into that equation and that number will decrease exponentially.

Comment Interesting (Score 5, Interesting) 180


It does make you think a bit that if they have this ability, what's to keep any carrier from nudging down the percentage your phone will charge it's battery over time with each update ? With most batteries soldered in place, it would be a fantastic way to force folks to buy a new phone.

Crazy idea ? Of course it is, then again VW got caught red handed cheating the emissions systems via software. Remember, where money is involved, there is no limit to what companies are willing to do.

While I understand that batteries degrade over time, now I'm curious if it's truly the battery that's giving out or if the folks wanting to sell you more phones have a hand in it.


Comment Re:non-removable programmable SIM so ATT can lock (Score 1) 137

An active cellular card is effectively a backdoor into your computer. If your computer is connected to your network, then it's also a backdoor into your network.

I doubt it would take much in the way of malware . . . . er . . . . NIT as the FBI calls it, to enable that cellular interface without telling you about it.
Some cooperation from the local telco would authorize the SIM on their network and presto, instant access from everywhere.

As it stands now, any device I own that has a cellular interface resides on a protected VLAN. ( phones, tablets, alarm system, etc )
I do not let those devices converse with any of the other networks as I have no way of knowing who, when and what will have access to the device in question.
If it needs access to network resources, it gets a physical cable.

If incapable of using a physical cable, it doesn't get access to those resources.

I see a future in shielded laptop bags :|

Comment Show of hands (Score 1) 256

of everyone who thinks this system will ever only be used to flag and filter " extremist " content.

While I realize this will be a global system, I'm curious how this will butt heads with the First Amendment in the United States as this will inevitably be a system that will censor information that is embarrassing or uncomfortable to the chosen few who will decide what is " extremist".

Comment Learning Opportunity (Score 1) 137

For the rest of the World anyway.

Let the UK implement their silly backdoor idea and just sit back and wait.

If a decade goes by without the whole thing being compromised it would impress me.

See how much it costs them to clean up that mess after someone exploits their newly implemented idea.

A master key is very convenient, but very insecure. Both digitally and in its original form, the common door lock.

Though, when I needed to bypass such things ( door locks ) I certainly appreciated it when they made my job that much easier.

Comment Re: Wait until they find out (Score 1) 113

So what's the plan to power this amazing desktop killer of the future ?

The kind of horsepower a desktop or workstation is typically known for will eat a mobile battery in very short order.

Because of power limitations, mobile will forever be playing catch up I think.

While a few generations of mobile hardware down the road will be amazingly powerful and sip power, their big brothers ( without the same power limitations ) will be even more so.

Comment Re:No, just no (Score 1) 560

It's the hypocrisy that's annoying.

Tobacco in general is terrible for you, yet it is legal.
Alcohol is also known to cause serious issues, yet it is legal.

I personally fail to see the difference if someone does something stupid while under the influence of X vs Y.
What difference does it make ?

I neither smoke nor drink, but it seems rather stupid to allow one but not the other, when it's known that BOTH are bad for you to begin with.
Just treat Pot like a different flavor of tobacco and tax it the same way. Done.

I would say legalize any drugs that are naturally occurring.
Anything that requires refinement / processing can remain regulated, but chasing after folks who grow specific plants is a complete waste of time and money.

Comment Re:Better Idea (Score 1) 105

and why would it cost me $100 / month if Netflix offers unlimited DVD plans for $7.99 / month ?
What exactly is the $92 / month difference if I pop a rental disc into a player vs watching a streaming version of it ?

Netflix still has to get permissions to distribute those discs. Doing so via a streaming solution cuts down on their media and shipping costs.

Comment So let me get this straight (Score 5, Insightful) 1429

These people want to scrap the system that has been in place since the whole thing began because things didn't turn out in their favor ?

It seems that the current generation just can't handle defeat ( they've been insulated against it their entire lives ) so when things don't go
their way, the best course of action is to loudly demand that the rules be changed ? If that doesn't work, organize protests and maybe
cry on camera a bit ? Perhaps hire a celebrity to be " The voice for the unheard " or some other silly attention seeking behavior.

Welcome to reality kids. Where life is cold, uncaring, unfair and, occasionally, absolutely horrific.
By the time you become an adult, we've flat run out of consolation and / or participation prizes.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

So strap yourselves in, because it's going to be a rough ride.

For anyone who argues Trump supporters would be doing the same thing were the situation reversed, I call out your bullshit and will say
it's pure speculation on your part. Right now the only folks who are actively participating in the riots and general stupidity are those who
claim to be the " more educated, intelligent and / or informed " than those " Deplorable " Trump Supporters ( Hillary's description of them I believe ).

I don't recall any of this sort of bullshit when Obama got elected.
( Or any President in recent history for that matter. Republican or Democrat )

So, other than dealing with the most coddled, spoiled, insulated and catered-to generation of all time, what do you believe has changed to
cause such behavior issues from the very folks who own words claim intellectual superiority over everyone else, while their actions say otherwise ?

Comment This is how it works (Score 1) 291

Once a thing becomes enough of a problem where it's obvious it isn't going to fix itself, rules / laws and regulations show up to fix it for us.

Personally, I'm all for it. Been asking for it for years.

I see WAY too many people fiddling with their phone while driving. If I were to make an estimate, I would say one in four of everyone I'm driving around are on their phone.

Since people are too damned stupid to realize their behavior puts everyone ELSE at risk, then we have to rely on other methods to deal with it.

Self drive cars is one of them but will be a decade or more before those are commonplace.

Disabling everything except emergency calls while in motion is another.

Need to make a call, text your buddies or get your Candy Crush fix ? Pull the fuck over and do what you will.

Failure to do so will introduce Big Brother to the equation and he will do it for you, regardless of your opinion on the matter.

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