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Comment If only (Score 2) 637

we could get a law written that forbids negative advertising towards the other candidate.

I'm kinda tired of seeing all the " Look how bad X is for this position because of Y " ads that dominate the airways this time of year.

I would much rather see " I believe I'm the better choice for the position because of the following accomplishments or strengths I posses " instead.

Considering neither candidate has much to brag about, the number of ads would be quite limited in number.

A win-win all the way around.

Comment Show of hands (Score 2) 278

With whom would you place your trust ?

Mr. Snowden or ANY member of our bought and paid for leadership ?

Dead simple answer for me. No matter what they claim he did, his actions had a more positive impact for this country than all of those buffoons combined.

The only thing a polititian does is for the benefit of a polititian. Period.

Comment The nature of Greed (Score 1) 110

Anytime you tie compensation into performance metrics, you will ALWAYS have a cheating problem. It starts with the one, or a few then spreads as others see someone else making big pay and bonuses because of their ( bogus ) performance numbers.

Pretty soon everyone is doing it because, if you're not, management wants to know why you're such a slacker in comparison to everyone else.

See any professional sport, standardized testing, entrance exams, etc. The list of exames are nearly endless.

Comment TSA Effectiveness (Score 1) 260

To be honest, the TSA is about as effective at stopping terrorism as police are at deterring crime.

See the reports of how often teams were able to smuggle test bombs and weapons through TSA security to understand how effective they are.

I am far more concerned with the theft problem with airport employees than I am with terrorism. Odds of my getting on a plane with a terrorist are laughable in comparison to the odds my high $ camera gear actually surviving a run through any given airport and their trustworthy staff :|

Comment Lower Corporate Tax Rate (Score 4, Interesting) 302

I would be all for lowering their taxes, on one condition.

American workers only within the US.

You want the tax breaks ? You quit going the H1B route cheating the US workforce out of a job.

You hire foreign labor ? Your tax rate will increase to compensate. Pretty simple. Do the math, set the rates to make hiring US workers a financial win for the company. Price of doing business in the US I'm afraid.

Don't like it ? Move your company to India or Ireland or wherever you want. See how well you do when you're denied access to the US market.

Those that are gaming the system can just gtfo or deal with the tax man.

Comment Wikileaks (Score 1) 271

The amount of info on the US Government can either be Assange's hatred for it or the sheer amount of questionable things the USG does coupled with how insecure the information is.

In the "Wealth is everything " nation, getting your hands on incriminating information is simply a matter of how much financial backing you can bring to bear on the target. Throw enough money at someone at they'll give you anything you want.

Besides, MSM is trying to paint Wikileaks as a Russian thing in order to discredit current and future releases that aren't favorable to their darling candidate.

It's hilarious how much of a joke our " Democracy " has become. Our votes are directly influenced by those who own the media and thus, whatever agenda they are trying to push.

As such, they're pissed off that sources like Wikileaks can work against the " approved " stories released by what passes as the news these days.

Comment The FBI (Score 2) 367

is so full of shit, it's coming out of their ears.

Their constant whining about crypto is merely a distraction. They don't need to break the crypto when they can just install the malware to steal your keys.

They don't need it when they can just jail you indefinitely for failing to provide the keys on demand.

They want everyone to THINK they can't get into it, when reality is quite different.

It's akin to putting a high security vault door on your house. Seems pretty safe until you notice the windows. Then the door becomes irrelevant.

The NSA has shown us that NOTHING that is network connected can be trusted. Period.

If they're not sitting on a trove of zero-days, then someone else IS. The attack surface is just too big to effectively secure. Too many ways in.

You want to keep something a secret you would be better off going back to old school methods. With their fingers in everything, I just don't trust the tech enough to utilize it for anything I want to keep secure.

Comment Pot meet Kettle (Score 1) 467

The thieves are, and have been for a long time, the developers who release a game before it's ready.

Especially in this case where they relied heavily on false advertising ( see any of the " gameplay " trailers that got everyone excited ) to sell a product that didn't come anywhere close to what they promised it would be. Blatant misrepresentation of a product in my opinion.

Then again, I don't pre-order* games anymore because I know better. Even those I really want to play. I force myself to wait, and I've never been disappointed.

* Of course I have to spit the usual stuff out in saying ANYONE who pre-orders a game these days knows the damn thing will be fubar for at least 2-3 patch cycles. Yet, it amazes me when they still get angry about it. Some people just don't make any fucking sense. You know the quote: " Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results . . . . . "

Us old farts know that games are never up to their full potential until a year or so after release. At which time all the bugs have been worked out and patched up. All the DLC will be bundled together and the whole thing will actually be a reasonable price in the Game of the Year Edition. Not to mention you'll be playing it on stronger hardware than what it was developed for. Win-Win-Win all the way around.

For those of you who just gotta have it on launch day, enjoy your frustrations. Try to learn from them if you can.

Comment Poster Children (Score 1) 396

It seems Big Pharm companies are taking turns on who is going to be in the spotlight this week for their unregulated ability to gouge the shit out of folks who need the medications just to survive.

What needs to happen is the whole fucking industry needs to be regulated with price caps on everything they sell. If they give any shit about it, simply open up the overseas markets and tell Big Pharm to go screw themselves.

I know someone who was just informed their cancer treatment is going to cost $240,000. This is at least 3x times their yearly salary. Who the f*ck can afford this other than the 1% types ?

I think I would just take death instead. At least my beneficiaries would have a decent nest egg instead of giving it to those who profit by screwing everyone over.

I understand they need to make a profit to remain operational, but the profits they're making is absurd and it comes at quite a cost for everyone else.

Regulate it and stop the monopoly in its tracks. If they can sell the product overseas for a fraction of the cost, then they can do it here as well. If not, they can GTFO.

Comment Re:Even pros don't tinker with every possible menu (Score 1) 160

"So make the settings that need to be changed fast easy to change fast. They've done some of this but they refuse to finish the job. Sometimes you do need to change things quickly, that is true. That doesn't describe a very substantial proportion of the menu options. Probably >80% rarely if ever get touched even by the pros."

The settings you might want to change will vary depending on what / how you're shooting. Landscape, wildlife, portrait, sports, etc. etc. etc. Someone who shoots in a studio might not have much need to quickly modify their ISO settings, but someone who is shooting outdoors near dusk / dawn most certainly will.

Since the camera folks don't quite know what type of photographer you are, they have to keep ALL of the goofy settings available to you via the menu. Though all of the bodies I own will allow you to create a custom menu to put all the stuff I use within easy reach pretty quickly.

Some things should just be a dedicated switch or button on the body instead of digging through menus.

Comment Wait to hear from the field (Score 1) 160

Nothing matters about camera announcements until we hear hands on experience from folks in the field.
They'll tell you all you need to know about the camera and if it's worth buying or not. This will also allow for all the defects
to come out in the open. I personally wait at least six months before picking up a new camera body for this very reason.

In my experience, the higher density pixel packed sensors are great for things that have plenty of light to play with.
Not so much when low light becomes a variable.

Assuming you want / need a full frame sensor and using my own bodies for testing, I came to the following conclusions:
( I'm heavily invested in Nikon lenses, thus my bodies are also Nikon. Though I'm certain Canon will be similar )

All the math and theory is great but real world testing has shown me the reality of things.

The 810 and its 36Mp sensor is my go to body when you have lots of light, a need for large print sizes or the ability to crop in
on your target when you just can't get close enough. Keep it in the bag once it gets dark because anything beyond ISO 3200
is pushing it. Lightroom is good, but it has limits.

The D4s ( and its successor the D5 ) is my go to body when the lights go down or you need fast frame rates.
Pair it with a fast lens and you get the " Machine Gun that shoots in the dark " description.

A single photo at ISO 6400 between the two bodies and a noise comparison will tell you all you need to know in this regard.
The 810 and D4s share much of the same tech inside. So unless Nikon intentionally crippled the 810 for low light to prevent
competing with their flagship bodies ( a possibility ), the only thing that differs is the sensor pixel density.

In the full frame category, I am unaware of any offering by any manufacturer that is extremely high resolution and a low light
champion as well. I either have to pick which is more important to me, or buy two bodies to cover whatever needs may arise.

Comment Irrelevant News (Score 1) 528

Unless the FBI has changed their minds and decided to pursue an indictment, what has or hasn't been found on her server is completely irrelevant.

She could have email on there linking her to the JFK assasination, 911 and hit lists of all the people that have died under mysterious circumstances over the years and it won't matter one iota.

She is one of " them ". She is also a Clinton. The laws simply do not apply to people like her.

Comment Re: Segementation of the Users themselves (Score 3, Insightful) 57

All the security you can come up with can be undone instantly if you offer the right person enough money.

Bribe the Tacacs server admin and you're golden. They'll set you up with access to anything and everything.

Pay them some more and they would probably disable logging for you.

Pro tip: Treat your IT folks well because they hold the keys to your entire Kingdom.

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