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LHC Forces Bookmaker To Lower Odds On the Existence of God 457

A UK bookmaker has lowered the odds on proving that god exists to just 4-1 to coincide with the switching on of the Large Hadron Collider. The chance that physicists might discover the elusive sub-atomic object called the "God particle" has forced the odds lower. Initially the odds that proof would be found of God's existence were 20-1, and they lengthened to 33-1 when the multi-billion pound atom smasher was shut down temporarily because of a magnetic failure. A spokesman for Paddy Power said, "The atheists' planned advertising campaign seems to have renewed the debate in pubs and around office water-coolers as to whether there is a God and we've seen some of that being transferred into bets. However we advise anyone still not sure of God's existence to maybe hedge their bets for now, just in case." He added that confirmation of God's existence would have to be verified by scientists and given by an independent authority before any payouts were made. Everyone getting a payout is encouraged to tithe at least ten percent.

Comment Speaking as an IT coordinator (Score 2, Interesting) 152

I could not agree more. We have a fairly large projects where the devs do the deployments and I can tell you its all a big mess. Since the devs have the right to do deployments, naturally they can make small changes to the production environment invisible to the operation team. Since there are quite some incidents occuring on the production environment, the dev team tends to fix the problems on the production environment on the spot because "oh, its just a matter of fixing this and that", therefore the acceptance environment is not used for testing as it should be.

Although I know it would put considerabe workload on operation team to take over deployments, I'm sure there would be less incidents and more stability on the production system. sure the deployment process would slow down updates, but would give a chance for a more transparent and controllable process with clear ownership of responsibility, etc.

Now that the project is for more than half a year in production, I see no real chance to change the deployment ownership, but still I wish it could be done.

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