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Comment Immediate disable (Score 1) 292

If I ever purchase a car with this capabiility, I will immediately physically disable it. This whole concept is stupid. No one should rely on the other vehicles telemetry to operate. In fact, there are self-driving prototypes right now that operate without any telemetry. Another case where the government is way too late and too stupid.

Submission + - Man arrested, strip-searched after photographing NYPD wins $125,000 (

mpicpp writes: Settlement comes weeks after a bystander's video captured NYPD chokehold arrest.

A New York man who claimed police arrested and strip-searched him after he photographed a stop-and-frisk of three African-American youths has settled his civil rights suit with the New York Police Department for $125,000.

The settlement, first reported Monday by the Daily News, comes weeks after the NYPD reminded its officers that it was legal to peacefully record police activity. That department-wide memo followed the videotaped NYPD arrest of a man who died after being subdued by a chokehold last month.
The NYPD settled with a man named Dick George, who alleged that while he was sitting in his parked car in Flatbush in 2012, he saw two NYPD officers get out of an unmarked car and perform what is known as a stop-and-frisk of three youths. George said he captured the search on his mobile phone. He claimed he went up to the youths and told them next time that happens to make sure they get the officers' badge numbers.

He said the two officers overheard his comments, followed him briefly in his vehicle and then arrested him for disorderly conduct—and strip-searched him at the station.

After being held for about an hour, he was released. He said he injured a knee during his arrest, and the cops erased his photographs from his mobile phone.

Submission + - Solar plant sets birds on fire as they fly overhead (

Elledan writes: Federal investigators in California have requested that BrightSource — owner of thermal solar plants — halt the construction of more, even bigger plants until the impact of these plants on wildlife has been further investigated. The BrightSource solar plant in the Mojave Desert which was investigated reportedly kills between 1,000 and 28,000 birds a year with the concentrated solar energy from its 300,000 mirrors, charring and incinerating feathers of passing birds. This isn't the first report of negative environmental impact by this type of solar plant either.

Submission + - Modular Hive Homes for Mars Wins NASA & MakerBot Competition (

Taffykay writes: Living on Mars might seem like a dream, but we're one step closer thanks to a brilliant new housing design. Noah Hornberger won NASA and MakerBot’s Mars Base Challenge with a series of hive homes. The contest called for 3D designers to imagine a scenario that would make Mars habitable by designing homes built either from materials found on the Red Planet, or brought from Earth and 3D-printed on site. Hornberger’s 3D-printed two bedroom, two bathroom Queen B nabbed first prize with its bee-inspired hexagonal grid.

Submission + - Systemd: Harbinger of the Linux Apocalypse (

An anonymous reader writes: It might not be the end of the world, but the design of systemd and the attitudes of its developers have been counterproductive

Now that Red Hat has released RHEL 7 with systemd in place of the erstwhile SysVinit, it appears that the end of the world is indeed approaching. A schism and war of egos is unfolding within the Linux community right now, and it is drawing blood on both sides. Ultimately, no matter who "wins," Linux looks to lose this one

Submission + - Simple.TV Lets You Share DVR'd Content With Friends: When's The Crackdown? (

jfruh writes: Simple.TV is a DVR for over-the-air television programs with a lot of nifty functionality, and it just gained a new one: the ability to share recorded content with friends over the Internet. The question is, how long will media companies tolerate the ability to stream media to other people, even media that arrived for free over the publicly owned airwaves?

Comment love it (Score 2) 579

I love these crosswalk countdown timers at intersections. Perfect for letting you know if you can make the light or need to forget it and brake. I'm not sure how the timers are increasing pedestrian fatalities, since the only people crossing should be with the flow of traffic, not across it.

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