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Comment complete horseshit (Score 1) 294

That's what this sounds like, biomarkers for actions? I don't think so. Who's resposible for evaluating what actions are considered violent under what conditions? Where are they going to get their dna samples from, prisons most likely that are filled with people who are 400% more likely to be in jail becasue of their race and the way our society treats them, what a great test basis. Please stop this utter ridiculous nonsense, it sucks that your kid got killed in America but this is no way to cope with it.

Comment It's not any of that (Score 0) 372

It that it's an insulting waste of money is being spent on it, all the while it shows little to no benefit to the student. The money that is spent reduces the potential for raises that could be spent on the teachers who don't make very much to begin with. It's about the same as dumping all your extra budget into a stadium for the highschool the football team and telling the faculty/staff that no one is getting raises except dept heads the VP and the principle. Books aren't that expensive and can be reused year after year with out having to constantly upgrade them (if an edit needs to be made then it can be taught in the class instead of buying all new books) or have an entire staff that simply keeps them usable and replaces all of them every 3-4 years. Put the computers back in the lab and the library and leave the teaching to teachers with books and boards and quit wasting my damn tax money.

Comment your problem is simple (Score 1) 347

Four year colleges and universities do not tech skills for Tech Jobs they primarily focus on theory and programming which web development really isn't. The required training in the neccessary technical skills can be found at a two year college for a lot less money. Then finish up with a four year degree in advertising or marketing design. Your pocket book will thank you.

Comment Totally Illegal (Score 4, Interesting) 440

I seem to remember back before the days of Digital PCS when it really was actual Cellular Phones, a company (I can't remember their name) developed a cellular blocking device that was marketed to movie theaters, supermarkets, and general public areas. The various cellular companies got together and petitioned the FCC for the banning of these devices because they blocked people from making Emergency 911 calls which was considered Illegal. So when did it become ok for BART to disrupt peoples ability to make Emergency 911 Calls?

Comment Re:All this effort, just to avoid the real problem (Score 1) 1306

We should do the same thing we did at the end of prohibition when the government was broke and decided legalising and taxing alcohol would balance their budgets. Take a substance that the US Government ruled to be illegal to use (say Marijuana), that has a large base of illegal users, and then make it legitimate, tax it, and regulate its use to mitigate any safety concerns. It's a double whammy, you cut down on your DEA expenses fighting it and you reap the benefits of taxing it's users.

Comment Re:Give the anti-anti auto-reflex a rest. (Score 1) 239

The person standing next to your NFC reader and taking money only makes at most 8 bucks an hour and only gets fired if the till is off, they can just as easily put a reader under the counter unnoticed and use the data it scans later somewhere else when you won't have any idea where it got stolen from unless they get caught in the act of using it. The reason you trust clerks with swipe credit cards is because you generally get to swipe it yourself and you can see what your swiping into with NFC you can't guarantee that your info isn't being copied remotely every-time you use it.

Comment Re:Give the anti-anti auto-reflex a rest. (Score 1) 239

The problem won't be turning it off while your not using it but one of it being stolen simply by using it. In a way similar to how they dupe peoples cards at ATMs you could put a RF capture device close to one of those NFC readers that can listen to the transmissions and responses then use that info to mimic the NFC device some time later. A lot of the NFC devices in phones will only work with most NFC readers in "Card Emulation Mode" which makes them as easy to dupe as any passive RFID.

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