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Submission + - Detecting private user data from browsing history (whattheinternetknowsaboutyou.com)

An anonymous reader writes: I remember reading about the possibility of sniffing Web browsing history some time ago, but I recently came across a website which thoroughly scared me by detecting many sites I visit, even though I had Firefox's NoScript extension enabled. The website uses the old CSS :visited trick to detect Web pages in the browser's history and analyzes the information 'the way the bad guys would do it — by gathering links to answer specific questions about you and grouping them, to give you a taste of what any website can easily learn about you.' The site has different kinds of tests, including detecting bank and government websites, Wikileaks articles, news stories and even adult websites. They even try to detect the visitor's username on social news sites (including Slashdot), as well as zipcodes and search queries typed into forms. The site also gives a lot of technical background, including performance results, and lists possible solutions to the problem.

Windows 7 Clean Install Only In Europe 803

jbeale53 writes "It seems that to install Windows 7 in Europe, you'll have to wipe the system and start over. There will be no ability to upgrade. From the article, 'The unfortunate side effect has been caused by Microsoft's decision to avoid any further EU censure on Windows 7 by removing Internet Explorer 8 from the OS. Because Internet Explorer is so deeply integrated within Vista, it's not currently possible to perform an upgrade that removes IE.' Why would Microsoft cripple it this way? Just to try and point fingers at the European Union? Because the EU didn't tell them to remove IE, they only told them to offer other browsers to be installed during setup."

Comment Submission is wrong (Score 5, Informative) 274

First of all, the structure is 200 million light years across. The distance from the Sun to the center of our Galaxy is about 26,000 light years, so 200 light years would not be very impressive in comparison.

Also, the article is somewhat misleading itself, as the blob isn't really a homogenous structure. It's just a group of galaxies packed together more closely than other clusters. So it isn't really that much different from other parts of the Universe.

Australia's Technological World Cup Advantage 343

hotsauce writes "The BBC has a piece about how Australia is using software to gain an advantage in the World Cup. The Socceroos are running software that looks for patterns in attacks of the opposing team. It also shows the effectiveness of different response strategies by recording where attacks fail when countered. This is the first time Australia has reached the World Cup in 30 years, but a real test of the technology will come today when Australia must take on five-time and current world champions Brasil. The Socceroos talk about specific strategies for that game, also."

The Latest iPod Assassination Attempt 310

Insani-CTO writes "David Pogue at the New York Times reviews Samsung's new Z5, the latest attempt at an 'iPod killer' He gives it a pretty favorable review, though doesn't quite count the Nano as dead quite yet. From the piece: 'The Z5, then, will not cause any discernible dip in iPod market share. It does, however, deserve to be a hit for Samsung. For someone who wants a Nano that's not a Nano, it's a close enough match in looks, sleekness, capacity and crystal-clear software design. In fact, if iPod didn't loom over every conversation as the screamingly obvious point of comparison, the Z5 could be the next little thing.'"

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