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Submission + - $4,829-per-hour supercomputer built on Amazon cloud to fuel cancer research (arstechnica.com) 1

neelwebs writes: Farid and his team recently decided they wanted to stop cutting corners, specifically for a joint cancer research project conducted with Nimbus Discovery, which does computer-based drug discovery. The key was that instead of using Schrödinger’s internal cluster, they opted to build a 50,000-core supercomputer on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

It ran for three hours on the night of March 30, at a cost of $4,828.85 per hour. Getting up to 51,132 cores required spinning up 6,742 Amazon EC2 instances running CentOS Linux. This virtual supercomputer spanned the globe, tapping data centers in four continents and every available Amazon region, from Tokyo, Singapore, and Sao Paolo, to Ireland, Virginia, Oregon, and California. As impressive as it sounds, such a cluster can be spun up by anyone with the proper expertise, without talking to a single employee of Amazon.

Comment Re:Looks something like.. (Score 1) 1005

So many people use the Internet on a daily basis and does not want it to be censored, so people worry about the SOPA being passed and having our favorite websites censored. Not everyone uses Megaupload, so most people probably won't care if Megaupload got deleted, and the people who used Megaupload on a daily basis can always use Rapidshare or a similar website.

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