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Comment Re: SJW (Score 2) 287

Considering such evidence valid will encourage the police to illegally obtain evidence, after all there is no deterrent in not doing so - it still works as evidence. It's a trade off. You don't have to like the side of the trade off the US has chosen but it isn't conflating different things - it is an explicit choice that puts individual rights in general above discovering guilt in a particular case.

The US similarly also does not permit the use of confessions obtained via torture.

Comment Re:Calling this a first amendment issue denigrates (Score 1) 138

But until someone challenges it, which won't happen until someone gets charged, which won't happen until the situation I mentioned comes up which never will, they still exist as laws.

The media doesn't decide whether a law is valid or invalid, if the argument is "they can report X because it is a crime, but not Y because it is not a crime" then what other than the current law as written are they supposed to use to determine whether something is a crime?

Comment Re:Calling this a first amendment issue denigrates (Score 1) 138

And those people would be wrong in NY and FL. Your personal morals are irrelevant when determining if something is against the law or not.

Of course you'd have to really piss someone in law enforcement/prosecution and be remarkably law abiding in all other areas for someone to try to get a conviction under those laws - but they do in fact exist as laws.

Comment Re:Theil via Hogan (for racist tape not sextape) (Score 1) 138

So choosing for the lesser of two evils is fine if you choose Hillary over Trump, but is hypocritical if you choose the Republicans over the Democrats?

Or is it hypocritical to be for some policies of a political party and against others?

Or is it hypocritical to both be gay and be against gay marriage?

Comment Re:Probably Can't Do That (Score 4, Insightful) 246

The 14th doesn't help either, since it says "without due process of law" and if you are parole then you have already had your right to liberty removed under due process of law. Parole is the government giving you back some of but not all of those liberties.

I would suspect someone on parole who finds not being able to play pokemon go too drastic a restriction can opt out of parole and spend the rest of their sentence in prison instead.

Comment Re:Rethink (Score 1) 192

The idea wasn't to destroy Europe, just the bit with the soviet tanks and supply lines on it... And the Germans were more gung-ho about it than the Americans. is a terrible automated translation, but if you know german maybe you can read the original, the whole thing is crazy, but in particular:

German Defence thought meet NATO with a conjuring trick. He wanted to make up for the shortage of soldiers with an atomic micro ordnance, with the atomic mortars Davy Crockett.

Strauss also not allowed to be disturbed by reports of his officers from Washington. In the American Army General Staff had, laconically replied to the question of whether Davy Crockett could replace conventional artillery: "No way!"

It was a scary time - I'll take today's crazy terrorists over it actually. NATO truly believed that they could not repel a soviet invasion with conventional forces, short range nukes (heck nuclear mortars even) were honest to goodness plans... Of course Putin is doing his best to revive those old days.

A Trump v Putin game of chicken does not sound like a wonderful thing, I must admit...

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