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Comment Re:So long, Netflix, it was good while it lasted (Score 4, Insightful) 187

They can't. The got in early enough that the rights holders of the streaming content licensed it reasonably cheap. That has all changed now that those holders have realized there's money in streaming and want a bigger slice of it.

They're trying to transition to something that will work in that world. They don't really have a choice.

Comment Re:Does DMCA rule out a demotion penalty? (Score 1) 241

All google needs to do is open the floodgates. Remove whatever it is that the use to not take down warner bros sites when warner bros sends a DMCA notice about them. Open up the fast track system to everyone.

I'm pretty sure people pissed off at the movie industry outweigh the movie industry in ability to send automated notices. And everyone has copyright to something - or can make something in 15 seconds that will be copyrighted for the next few hundred years anyway, The studios/etc might change their minds about the usefulness of fast tracking the requests at that point.

Heck when politician's campaign sites (which these days seem to raise money at least to hear Trump and Sanders talk) start being removed from search results because a DMCA notice claimed they were distributing copyrighted home photos or whatever, they might even change the law.

Comment Re:Was this possible because of SSNs? (Score 1) 341

That;s going to make those 1099s hard to issue and of course complying with CIP.

It would also do exactly nothing about this case - if you already have an account at that particular bank then creating another one is obviously going to be possible - it's just a number in a database after all.

Of course 5300 people should be going to prison, but that's not going to happen.

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 252

No cardboard box is just the hyperbolic of saying cheap or small. People on $50k don't live in literal cardboard boxes, that should be obvious enough. I'm not sure why you want to take what is obviously joking around about expensive real estate so personally.

I didn't "complain" about anything, and didn't say anything disparaging about "living BELOW their means". So I'm not sure what voices you are hearing there. You may notice I spend a lower percentage of my income on housing than you do - I'm the one "living BELOW their means" out of the two of us...

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 252

What makes you think I have a choice about having a family?

Because you gave cost as a downside of doing so, with no upside mentioned. So I figured they wouldn't want them,

I'm not sure why some would consider that the "can't afford" range. At $50K per year, I'm putting 20% away in savings.

35% is at the very top end of rent to income by most historic metrics, 1466/month and 50000/year is slightly above that. Bay area is super expensive for housing so that's not unexpected. It's not a disaster by any stretch and easy enough to make up in other areas, but the topic was that 50,000 means cardboard box, and your example rather than countering that is evidence for it.

Coincidentally enough (given you example) the three bedroom house I was renting last year, came to 16% of income - though that's counting a double income and it wasn't in San Francisco or even California.

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 252

Each kid costing $250K to raise from birth to college.

Only if you are an idiot. Yes they wear out clothes and eat food and you likely don't want to all be in a studio apartment. But the people without children subsidize their schooling by paying for government schools and avoiding stupidly expensive colleges is easy.

Obviously you are free to not want a family. Just as others are free to want a family. You are screwed if everybody doesn't want a family though, so luckily there are others willing to earn more money than you (relative to their cost of living location) and have children to prop up our economic system that relies on growth.

A studio apartment, no. A three-bedroom house that they can't afford, absolutely

That's funny, since 1466/month on 50000/year is into the "can't afford" range whereas lots of dual income three-bedroom house renters in low cost of living areas are well within normal historic affordability limits.

Comment Re: SJW (Score 2) 287

Considering such evidence valid will encourage the police to illegally obtain evidence, after all there is no deterrent in not doing so - it still works as evidence. It's a trade off. You don't have to like the side of the trade off the US has chosen but it isn't conflating different things - it is an explicit choice that puts individual rights in general above discovering guilt in a particular case.

The US similarly also does not permit the use of confessions obtained via torture.

Comment Re:Calling this a first amendment issue denigrates (Score 1) 138

But until someone challenges it, which won't happen until someone gets charged, which won't happen until the situation I mentioned comes up which never will, they still exist as laws.

The media doesn't decide whether a law is valid or invalid, if the argument is "they can report X because it is a crime, but not Y because it is not a crime" then what other than the current law as written are they supposed to use to determine whether something is a crime?

Comment Re:Calling this a first amendment issue denigrates (Score 1) 138

And those people would be wrong in NY and FL. Your personal morals are irrelevant when determining if something is against the law or not.



Of course you'd have to really piss someone in law enforcement/prosecution and be remarkably law abiding in all other areas for someone to try to get a conviction under those laws - but they do in fact exist as laws.

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