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Comment Infinite loop (Score 1) 302

I worked at a place where someone went on maternity leave and had an Out of Office set up that somehow ended up causing an infinite loop as soon as someone sent her an email. I forget how it happened, but it was fun watching hundreds and thousands of emails appearing in everyone's inbox for a few minutes until they pulled the plug on it.

Comment Re:Ford "Stynk" is more like it (Score 1) 292

I have a 2013 Fiesta, and the only part of the car that doesn't work is Sync. Almost every time I start the car, my USB has to re-index, then I spend a minute getting back to where I was (as it's lost the song you were up to) trying not to crash in the process. It did it twice yesterday.

Comment Too expensive and 30 mins of adverts (Score 1) 331

I used to go to the cinema maybe every month or two, but then the price went from the 'Early Bird' cheap ticket that was about £4, to a ludicrous £11. The adverts went from about 12 minutes to about half an hour.

What possible incentive does this give me to go? None. None incentive. Incentive to the value of none.

I only go these days when something like a Terminator, Alien, or Star Wars film is released.

Comment Re:They're unlikely to see mine because... (Score 1) 397

I went to the US on holiday in 1997 and one of the memories from that trip was how I was treated at customs. Nothing major, but I felt like I was a criminal, with all the questioning. Since then they have added fingerprints and eye scans. I've never been back.

My own government doesn't have my fingerprints or eye scans, so there is no way in hell, I'm giving stuff like that to a foreign country.

If they want to keep tourists out, then they are doing a good job.

Comment Our's is already 24 (Score 1) 388

When we moved into our new building with sealed windows and a management system, I fiddled about with it a bit until everyone was generally happy with it. It's exactly 24 at my desk as I type this, so I'd agree with that being a sensible temperature. 21 sounds much too cold. We wouldn't put up with that for too long.

Comment Do you have to activate it in the first year? (Score 1) 290

If I download it in a two months, do I register it then when I download it to get the free upgrade, or do I actually have to activate it on my PC? I doubt I'll want to install it as I've only been using Win 7 for just over a year, but I might want to download it this year and install it at no cost in about 5 years.

Comment I think it's really ugly (Score 1) 414

I just had a quick look at it and it looks like C to me. Really ugly.

Why do this:

public class HelloWorld
        public static void main(String[] args) {
                System.out.println("Hello World!");

When you can do this:

Print "Hello World"

What's with all the horrible curly brackets everywhere? What's wrong with endif, next, etc? Bring back BASIC, it what I say!
If I want to write something for myself to use I use Blitz Basic.

At work I've use COBOL quite a bit, and that's nice to read. Full stops are okay. Not as hideous as curly brackets.

Comment Re:What about Bob? (Score 2) 142

The search dog is the only search I know works in Windows. The later version didn't work, and the one in Windows 7 doesn't work. A few weeks ago I was searching for a file I could see on the screen, and it didn't find it. I have no faith at all in any search in any version of windows apart from the Dog in Windows XP.

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