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Comment Re:feature creep? (Score 1) 347

thats not that many once you think about. with all the snap-ins they have already that ship with os and the few products i use that have their own, i'm sitting at over 1,100. one of powershell's biggest advantages is the standardization of cmdlet names. plus you dont have to remember all the cmdlets, get-command is your friend

Comment Re:Treat it like any other secure system (Score 1) 376

Your better OEMs will allow you to subsitute a statement of destruction for a warrentee replacement. If the drive has had an opertunity to have come in contact with anything classified, its wiped, exposed to a bulk magnetic eraser, then a hammer till the platters are in parts. Dont think a magnet will kill and ssd, but my "Air Force Fine Adjustment Tool" will.

Comment Re:Don't do it (Score 1) 606

Agreed. Take a few steps back from this, and assume not everyone is an enthusiast. think about a few things.

I'm a government agency with about 1500 desktops/laptops. our first big cost is labor. yes our technicians are salaried, but we need a certain level of productivity to meet internal SLA's

We go with a Tier 1 OEM for our desktops, and are pretty strict about what come in the door.your choices are based on what i can support with microsoft's Configuration Manager's Operating System Deployment (OSD). using OSD, our imaging time is 1 hour. Thats all the drivers, patches, applications, everything. and the technician spends about 5 minutes to launch the process and walk away. My OEM goes as far to deliver driver packs for my OSD process. new model of their business class desktop? no proble, in about an hour, i can add support of that model in to our OSD imaging process.

How about that licensing you mentioned? are you seriously considering retail media (if your activation isnt stored in the motherboard, its not OEM)? how do you plan to manage your license keys? OEM means its in the bios and you dont have to worry too much. no keys to keep track of, or enter. You could go with an enterprise agreement, roll the enterprise edition of your OS, and either use a single MAK key or run KMS. its one thing to deal with a stick on the side of the box when you first image it, but how about 9 months down the road when you hdd craps out, and you need to reinstall your OS.

anything you bring in the door has a minimum life cycle of 3 years. our contract with OEM states everything will have a warranty for at least that, with options for 4 and 5 years as well. With that in mind, i know my end users will be down for a day while parts are being delivered, i wont get a different revision of a part that might break something else. and i dont have to worry about parts availability in general.

also, are you looking at a business class system? and is some of your hardware specs realistic? Six core I7 system for general office work isnt realistic. your HR people aren't going to care that their system gets a really high benchmark score. Can they process their paperwork in a quick manner, if so then they're happy. Try looking a Core2 system with 4 gigs. we pay about 600~700 for one with with a three year warranty.

at the end of the day, that desktop is a fixed, one time cost. however, your salary is an ongoing expense. you should look at maximizing that value. look at how well you can deliver a quality service with minimal time. If you have a good relationship with your OEM, your job gets even easier.

I may be sitting on a descent home build here at home, but at work, its a Optiplex 755 with a core2-quad and 8 gigs.

Comment Re:Three drinks a day is "heavy"? (Score 2, Funny) 470

. I don't know why the hell we let people who hate the idea of a good time dictate what's socially acceptable, to the point where anyone who doesn't conform is labeled an alcoholic and stuck in a treatment / proselytizing program.

simple, everyone else is busy having said good time. They're also probably pissed off they're not having a good time as well.

Comment Re:Barking up the wrong tree (Score 1) 215

Exactly. boxes from Dell's Optiplex line and HP DC series are designed to be long like machines. common parts between models, long availability of orderable parts make supporting the things 3 years from just as easy.Desktop support is supoposed to be quick and boring.

You'll also want to look at deployment tools. I know Dell gives away tools to intergrate into Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and System Center Configuration Manager. And both HP and Dell will sell you an alteris based solution to roll these boxes out. If you put the proper infrastructure in, you will cut down your long term costs in rolling the boxes out, We invested in Coinfiguration Manger, and with Dell's driver packs, it takes me about 15 minutes to add support for a new model and my master image wont break. It also take about 5 minutes of a tech's time to kick off a system reimage (boot from network, enter your credentials, pick your OS, click next, walk away) and an hour and a half later, out pops a done box, completely patched.

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