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Comment Re:I hate flash. (Score 1) 274

um... treating us well? We've only been waiting what, 6 years? Its not like an HTML based replacement was standardized and implemented across all browsers in roughly the same time... oh wait, that's not true either.

I don't even want flash installed on my browsers now. Its the land of ads and malware and battery drain. no thank you.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 897

Submitter also doesn't seem to realise .NET isn't a language, it's a platform (more akin to an API than a language), and you can code for .NET using many different languages, and you can't code "in .NET", since there isn't such a language. I presume he made the common beginner mistake of conflating "C#" with ".NET", and I'll infer he meant C#.

I've deliberately omitted .NET — I have no desire to do the Microsoft languages.

They said languages. The bundling of .NET is a bit confusing but not entirely incorrect.

Also, there are plenty of options of languages and job markets that excluding .NET doesn't seem as poor a career decision as everyone is making it out to be.

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