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Comment Re:No Problem (Score 1) 362

Except that liquid helium is a consumable part of an MRI. You can capture the boil-off (or at least try), but you are going to constantly lose some of that boil-off to diffusion through bag/pipes/pump oil/etc. So if the cost of helium goes up, the cost of replacing gas in these systems goes up as well. And that is the scary thought.

Submission + - Livejournal Secretly Stealing Affiliate Links

Baxil writes: "Detective work by Livejournal users has turned up a Javascript file that stealthily changes users' outgoing links to e-commerce sites upon clicking, including substitution of affiliate IDs with a different ID number. There's no mention of this in the TOS or in recent code updates. More damningly, there's a secret setting in the LJ console that turns this behavior off. With over a million active users, that's a lot of affiliate theft."

Comment Re:One-time pad (Score 1) 307

So let me get this straight. You want everybody in the world to carry around synchronized OTPs for every computer they could possibly interact with securely, and all servers to store enough OTPs for all their users, and then, as the OTP protocol requires, throw out the pieces of the pad you've already used? The whole point of a OTP is to deny any sort of pattern formation in the encrypted data due to patterns present in the key and the encrypted stream by making sure there is absolutely no correlation between the two.

Then there is the distribution question. How do you make sure both sides of the OTP are the exact same? Without using quantum encryption protocols (sorry, I don't remember the current distance restrictions on these), there is no known secure way to distribute OTPs short of meeting in person with the person you want to share a pad with, and then making two exact copies of the data.

I'll take Diffie-Hellman for now. If we reach a point where quantum encryption becomes ubiquitous (I'm not holding my breath), then we can talk about OTP as a serious option.

Slashdot Keybindings, Dynamic Stories 220

We've been working hard on the new dynamic Slashdot project (logged in users can enable this by enabling the beta index in their user preferences). I just wanted to quickly mention that there are keybindings on the index. The WASD and VI movement keys do stuff that we like, and the faq has the complete list. Also, if you are using Firefox or have Index2 beta enabled, you can click 'More' in the footer at the end of the page to load the next block of stories in-line without a page refresh. We're experimenting now with page sizes to balance load times against the likelihood that you'll click. More features will be coming soon, but the main thing on our agenda now is optimization. The beta index2 is sloooow and that's gotta change. We're aiming for 2 major optimizations this week (CSS Sprites, and removing an old YUI library) that I'm hoping will put the beta page render time into the "Sane" time frame (which, in case you are wondering, is several seconds faster than that "Insane" time frame we're currently seeing).

Is That "Sexting" Pic Illegal? A Scientific Test 711

Frequent Slashdot contributor Bennett Haselton writes " Amid the latest 'sexting' controversy, here is a proposal for a scientifically objective method to determine whether a picture constitutes child pornography. This is a harder problem than it seems, but not for the reasons you'd think. And it raises questions about how the same scientific principles could be applied to other matters of law." Hit the link below to read the sextiest story on Slashdot today.

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