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PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - 40GB PS3 will NOT be backwards compatible! ( 2

gevmage writes: "An article on says that the 40GB version of the PlayStation 3 console, which will supplant the 60GB version (at least in Europe) will not be backwards compatible. From the article: 'In a new eye-opener from Sony the company's revealed that it's to drop backwards-compatibility support in PlayStation products.'

Personally, I think that Sony's generally good attitudes about backwards compatibility has been one reason that I own a PlayStation 2. If they dump that completely, then I may go Wii shopping."

The Courts

Submission + - Fair Use for YouTube & MySpace Users

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "A few years back, documentary filmmakers didn't know what copyrighted clips they could safely include in their films as a "fair use". Now there's a well-accepted set of "best practices" that establishes rational, predictable rules. Well the same folks who brought rationality to the world of documentary filmmaking are about to work their magic in the user-generated online content space, including user-created videos on YouTube and user-created music on My Space. They said : "Nonprofessional, online video now accounts for a sizeable portion of all broadband traffic, with much of the work weaving in copyrighted material....A new culture is emerging — remix culture, an unpredictable mix of the witty, the vulgar, the politically and culturally critical, and the just plain improbable..... What's fair in online-video use of copyrighted material? The healthy growth of this new mode of expression is at risk of becoming a casualty of the efforts of copyright owners to limit wholesale redistribution of their content on sites like YouTube, and of videomakers' own uncertainties about the law.""

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