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Comment Re:"Trading" With North Korea - Against US Law? (Score 1) 183

Where's the trade happening ? the business is between Facebook and the data consumers, not the hapless dupes who post all the personal information up there.

And in any case, do you think that the US gov would stop the opportunity to get any information which NK projects to the world, or to capture (and control) public reaction to NK's actions?

Comment Soylent green is people (Score 2, Insightful) 130

The product isn't the social networking service offered to the mostly unwitting registrants. The product is the data harvested from them and sold to advertisers and other human detritus for their nefarious purposes. The announcement is really "we're going to pump this GPS data out of the data cows and you'll be able to buy it from us". see also: a number of pronouncements from Zuckerberg indicating how much he respects the users.

Comment Re:People, people everywhere (Score 1) 386

True enough for when it falls out of the sky and onto the catchment area for your locale, but anything further than that starts to involve an energy cost and by extension, a relevance to conservation. Now the water itself still is unlimited for a while on a local or national basis, but eventually your aqueducts and ground pumps are sapping water from places which can ill afford it - see various Middle East countries for examples of this, as well as in the south west USA. The other source is corporations wasting water on our behalf in the pursuit of the cheapest cost approach. Do you really think a 40inch LCD TV would cost as little as it does to buy if the companies were conserving water, energy, and other materials, and cleaning up all their waste afterwards? Guess that's why they don't build them here (N America, W Europe, ANZ) any more.

Comment Re:You misunderstand what your degree demonstrates (Score 1) 1316

To be truely accurate, the college project should have no clear requirements at the start, they should change half way through. No server infrastructure should be in place until you are nearly complete. Then, a week before the end of the project, you should be called into a meeting room and be told the project is cancelled but could you just tidy up the last few loose ends and put them in the document library.

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