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Comment Re:Double Standard (Score 1) 765

Has anyone ever accomplished much of value in their two week period? It's rarely enough time to replace you, let alone give you any time to transition any worthwhile knowledge to them.

Usually it seems to mostly involve them groveling and offering more money, but I've never known anyone that said "you know what, that sounds great I'll just stay"

The last time I left a job I put in my two weeks notice thinking I would get treated like the other employees who had left which was a security guard coming and taking them to the exit while paying them for the two weeks. I expected the same treatment and had planned accordingly by starting my new job at the end of those two weeks so I could get a break (I was working 50-70 hours a week). This did not happen instead they freaked that my knowledge would be going with me and scheduled multiple training sessions so I could teach what I was doing and how I was doing my work. I worked those two weeks (no overtime at least) and they kept me right up until 3PM on my last day when they finally said I could leave. I had 8 training sessions those last two weeks and completed my work because I did respect my managers but I did complain toward the end that they tried to keep me until 5PM with nothing for me to do.

So yes some people do get some work done during those last two weeks. Saying that next time I leave I put in my 2 weeks notice and I'm taking 2 weeks vacation.

Comment Re:Why no mention of Motorola removing the same (Score 1) 771

All I have been hearing is Apple, Apple, Apple. Yet from Motorola killed the headphone jack and nobody noticed 10 days ago

There are many interesting things about the Moto Z devices presented yesterday, ultra-thin handsets that bring modularity to Motorola’s lineup of mobile products. One of them is the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack, which absolutely nobody noticed during the event.

While you are correct Motorola's market share is very small and shrinking as they have around 5% of the market where as Apple has over 40% and I bet most of the people are also unhappy with Motorola getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack. After all the last thing I need is another adapter I need to carry around unless I pony up for another set of headphones.

Comment Re:Maybe it's the same thing that whacked Padme (Score 1) 607

I think a big part of the problem you describe is modern media telling us things are way worse in the world than they are. Most people seem to think violent crime in the last 70 years has gone up in America when it has done almost nothing but gone down. Likewise, war in this world we live in? We live in one of the most peaceful periods in global history and yet modern media crams the few truly tragic events happening around the world down our throats like they are the norm.

I just want to add that having Facebook I think makes people more depressed as you can always find some friend on vacation posting pictures and then think "Why haven't I gone on vacation?" I think this is causing some people to be depressed. Add in low wages and a consumerism society and you start to get more depressed people.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 105

Show them you're a better player on the same format then or shut up. Cross-platform for XBox only means PS4, not PC/Mac/Linux.

There were studies done years ago when (I believe) Xbox was originally being developed, it was cross-platform with PC. There are (obvious) differences in control styles, and the PC people just destroyed the console players in every situation. That's why you don't have console/PC cross-platforms now. There are things you simply can't do with Xbox/PS that you can with a mouse/keyboard on PC. It's up to the individual user to decide what they prefer more.

They may very well be superior players on console but suck on PC. You might be a pro gamer on PC but totally blow on console. There's no comparison between the two because there's no valid comparison between the two. Stick a professional swimmer against a professional sprinter on land and I guarantee there's no contest. People are trained for different situations.

Yup like jump and look around at the same time. After playing on a PC for a decade I moved to a console that my friends had and could not figure out why I was so bad until I realized I could not hit the jump button while changing where I looked. On the PC you have all the controls at your fingertips with the Console you need to make choices.

Comment Re:What should happen but won't (Score 1) 1105

The only way to fix this mess is term limits...and those ought to apply to supreme court judges as well who should be voted into office by the public. There are way too many religious extremists in the SCOTUS for decades ruining the US. Congress is toothless, the real decisions are made in the Supreme Court and people are not even allowed to vote. What kind of democracy is this?

The only idea worse than lifetime appointed judges is judges who are up for election. A good portion of states have electable judges which turns application of the law into political points.

This is why there are so many ads with, "as a judge I gave maximum sentence to thousands of drug offenders to keep them from molesting your kids. Vote for me to keep you free!" and "I only give maximum sentences and when possible go above and beyond maximum sentences because I am tough on crime."

The whole reason for lifetime appointments is so that shit like that can't happen in the supreme court of the land. It also means that they are more-or-less untouchable by politicians who want to have them replaced by someone more sympathetic to their views. For better or worse, they are free to practice the law instead of petty politics.

In theory they can't be corrupted because they do not have to pander to the will of the people. This is actually really important as Companies are now buying Judges in those states where they run elections to change the ruling to their favor.

Comment Re: Hoax (Score 1) 1105

The most prosperous period of time in human history was the few decades after WW2 in America before the neoliberals took over.

It was a time of tight regulations, high progressive taxes, extensive publicly funded services and huge investment in public infrastructure.

It's fairly clear that's where Bernie wants to go.

You mean all the things that the Baby Boomers had when they were growing up and systematically removed! Oh and then complained about the kids growing up today as if we had the same advantages or well paying menial jobs and cheap college.

Oh and I have a job and work hard I just find it funny that the older generation talks of hard times when they had plentiful high paying jobs.

Comment Re:at $15 a gig in overages they will pay off the (Score 1) 103

A HUGE amount of Americans have absoloutely no idea in any level of how expensive and difficult it is to maintain a quality, low to mid bandwidth cellphone network, no CONCEPT at all.

I've been seeing angry fist shaking posts about it for over a decade, "they have the audacity to charge me more than $10 for unlimited data!?!?!!?" kind of ridiculous bullshit.

Obviously companies will try to squeeze you where they can but the amount of dumb shit people do on their phone in the US is mind boggling. I'm surprised ATT is making any money with the grandfathered iPhone unlimited plans just milking many MANY gbs a month of data across their network

They seem to think that it's exactly the same as a cabled network (fibre / dsl) for maintenance and upgrades, no goddamn idea.

While I do agree with you that unlimited data needed to go away I think the big issue was how they removed it. They put up limits of around 1 or 2 GB at the same price as what people did pay for unlimited and acted like we should be grateful. They should have offered something reasonable for that price and not a slap in the face which is what it felt like. As someone who used very little data typically between 1 and 2 GB per month on unlimited the new plans became more expensive for a lot less service.

Yes I know many people fully utilized the unlimited plan that was a remnant from when speeds were slower but they hurt everyone that had an unlimited plan with such a drastic change and left a bad taste.

Comment Re:Painting yourself into a corner (Score 1) 264

Caps don't help with network congestion. They only make network usage more uneven: People use the internet less when they need it least and don't change their usage when they really need or want to use the internet, which is at the same time for almost all people. Consequently, caps reduce usage off-peak and don't help with on-peak congestion.

Caps serve two purposes: They are a method of market segmentation and they make certain network dependent services unattractive. Comcast is a cable operator, and the biggest consumer of bandwidth is video streaming. You figure it out.

This is 100% right. I live in Maryland and we have Verizon Fios and Comcast. I switched to Fios as soon as it was available but I have some neighbors that are still on Comcast and they always complain that the service is unusable from 6PM to around 9PM. This is when everyone comes home from work and gets online. They didn't put in enough capacity to handle all the people so it grinds to a stop when people want to use it. This will not be fixed with caps because that is when people are home!

I saw a slow down when I was on Comcast and once I switched to Fios I never looked back! Heck I even download from Steam servers at my max download speed of 55Mbit and upload nearly as quickly when sending videos to YouTube.

Comment Re:The car is great to drive, but... (Score 1) 222

I always wondered how the door handles would work after an ice storm or freezing rain. I've dealt with my share of frozen car door locks, but at least I could get the handle to move. I think the touch screen console was a big mistake. You need to be able to manage things like climate settings, radio stations, etc. by touch. Forcing the drive to look at a screen for mundane things was a bad idea. I don't own a Tesla, partly because they are so new and I don't like the design elements I mentioned. But I have driven one. There are very few other cars that are as much fun to drive.

This is what I like about Ford vehicles they have the options in the touch screen but also have regular buttons and knobs that can do the same thing. I never use the touch screen to adjust the temp or fans as I feel the buttons are faster and require less thought. Oh and I agree about the Tesla really nice car to drive and a lot of nice elements but I found the interior to be minimalist which doesn't work when you have kids I felt.

Comment Re:There is a reason that they circumvented... (Score 1) 230

I think you failed to realize that he was speaking of fuel-cell electric propulsion vehicles, when mentioning hydrogen power. The kind of equipment that blew up in Apollo 13, but much perfected ever since. Toyota now sells a series produced fuel-cell engined car called Mirai, but it has a very ugly body. Rumor says they are working on a re-body, codenamed Miku that has acceptable looks for the euro-atlantic market. On the other hand, battery-electric powered vehicles are really silly. The whole Earth would need to be mined into Moon or Mars to obtain enough material for a large-scale conversion from internal combustion to batteries. In contrast, the Mirai's fuel cell only needs a few kilos of steel and some 2oz of platinum, which is very little (albeit very expensive).

I did not fail to realize this what I'm saying is that if you believe hydrogen power is the way via Fuel Cell then having electric vehicles now would help the auto industry move toward electrifying cars which will help as then you have electric components ready to go for when/if hydrogen becomes capable.

I own an electric vehicle and realize they are not for everyone but saying we are going to jump from gas to hydrogen is ridiculous as the big issues with hydrogen are storage, infrastructure, and creation. I believe these can be overcome but electric vehicles are a stop gap until that happens and will also help develop better internals for electric vehicles no matter how they are powered.

Comment Re:There is a reason that they circumvented... (Score 2) 230

Silly, I am talking about hydrogen powered combustion engines, they produce more power than a gasoline engine.

Maybe I'm reading this wrong but it appears the Wiki shows the Hydrogen version made less power by almost 50% when compared to running on gas (80kW on hydrogen vs 154kW on gas).

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