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Comment Re:Heh, (Score 1) 343

Au contraire. If you drive a gas burning car, you are asking BP to drill for oil. If you have not weaned yourself from the global fossil fuel grid you are asking BP to drill for oil.
Most of us are oilaholics and probably will end our addiction only when we are forced to, economically.

Comment Re:Conditional Freedom of Speech? Yay! (Score 1) 1671

The story is that we were in Iraq killing people for fraudulent reasons. No WMD. Bush and company lied, hundreds of thousands died. A trillion dollars in tax money spent.
Thousand of our own troops died, or were maimed for life.
This video just documents the tragedy that is war.

Imagine a foreign helicopter hovering over a subdivision in the U.S. shooting unarmed civilians on the ground.


Submission + - TV Station posts public employee salaries online

ncstockguy writes: The CBS affiliate in Raleigh, NC has generated some controversy by posting names and salaries of local public employees online. After complaints from a large number of public school teachers, and a news story on a competing station, WRAL removed the names of the employees and now just has positions and pay posted online. No question public employee pay is public record, but the question remains, just how easy should it be for casual snoops to look up an individual's pay? 1 &id=5267279

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