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Comment Re:So much for that! (Score 1) 579

This may be true, but how far can you take this argument?
Let's put this GM on another level with an analogy.
Let's say a company developed a process so that you could choose the genes of your baby. Not too far off in the future I imagine. They took an embryo and modified the genes to make the human with the desired traits, then patented it, and invitroed someone.
The resulting baby and future adult then is bound not to have any offspring because doing so would violate the company's patent. That's not right, even if you think you're doing something for the good of society by creating a better race of humans.

You should not be allowed to patent self-replicating organisms, period.

Comment Re:Citations? They need to be sued heavily (Score 1) 507

Denver also has a little known out in their camera laws.
All traffic tickets must be given out in person by a law enforcement officer.
So if you get a red light camera ticket, speed monitoring van ticket, etc.. in the mail, don't pay it.
They'll send it again, and again, and eventually the TTL on the ticket expires and you go along your merry way.
I've heard of very rare instances where an officer will come to your house after the 2nd notice to actually hand you a ticket.

Comment all they had to do (Score 1) 362

All Microsoft had to do to make windows 8 a success, both financially and critically, was to make applications load faster. Think about it. People are simple, impatient creatures, as are their bosses. Imagine an app that loads in 10 secs on windows 7 and then 5 secs on windows 8. Companies would jump on that upgrade ship in a heartbeat! It's all increased productivity. That's it, that's all they had to do. But no, they go messing around with interfaces and workflows. Bunch of idjits.

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