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Comment with Google (tm) (Score 1) 139

FTA "FTC lawyers have also asked about the growing influence of Android and how it may be helping Google maintain its lead in Web search. Google's search engine is the default for many phones built using Android." I hope that all these people look at the back of the phones, and see the "with Google (tm)" logo... That's effectively notifying everyone that Google products are going to come with the device. Why should Google package Yahoo! search with the OS that they developed. IANAL, but I feel that Google isn't breaking any anti-competition laws this time.

Comment 1.5TB ftw? (Score 1) 317

I mean seriously, If your company can't handle a couple hundred emails a day, then you have bigger problems to worry about. I work at a very small firm, and I receive up to 150 emails a day for various reasons. This doesn't even come close to stopping me from doing work. Buy a 1.5TB hard drive for 200 bucks, and call it a day. Oh, and for the love of God, learn to use the sort button.

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