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Comment Kies anyone? (Score 1) 107

Have you noticed Samsung Kies app installed on all models (except Google phones)? It has disable keylock permission and cannot be uninstalled. Apparently if you have Kies installed on your PC you can unlock any Samsung phone that has Kies over USB without having to know the screen lock or the Google password.

Comment Re:Obvious answer.... (Score 1) 151

Put him in an empty hangar together with IT contractors who are not allowed to bill 50% more for Saturday hours because of IRS regulations. Hang pictures of Joe Stack on the walls and leave plenty of equipment (that may or may not normally belong to a hangar) - chainsaws, nails, wooden poles... When all leave, call 911 and attach feeding tubes so he's kept alive. Open the hangar to visitors, while he's still alive. Send free invites to all IRS employees. Organize bus trips from IRS offices to the site. When he eventually dies, mummify the body and include pictures of it in all IRS manuals, on the same page as quotations about death and taxes.

Comment better build robots (Score 1) 1303

the assembly job goes like this: do { a production line moves in front of you; you pick a part; place it on the right place; do one more manual operation; and the line goes on; } while (forever); why would we want jobs like that anyway? even if they were paying u.s. salaries. with today's technology you CAN replace them with robots, it's just that it takes enormous effort to program/build the robots, but at least it's more fun, and we can volunteer undergrad students just like for any other research.

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