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Comment Re:PS3 will rule in 2008 (Score 0, Offtopic) 176

Your rant is juvenile. Check the facts-- not everyone who owns a nintendo is under 12. I didn't realise owning a game system that has more first-party titles than bloody, violent, car-robbing games and shitty budget titles constituted the age group for the console, but I digress. Your fuzzy statement of having BR, HD-DVD, and a HD doesn't offer much either. The 3D0 launched as one of the first 32-bit CD-based systems and it didn't help them. Also remember that the system launched at $799-- only $100 more than the PS3 is scheduled to. And whats up with this thing about buying these massive HDTVs? Most of us still have our good old standard television sets. Partially due to the price to upgrade, but also since it just doesn't do anything special. I highly doubt most people are looking forward to dump $700 on a new game console, then $2000 months later for a new tv to play UT2007 with. I could be wrong, though. (sarcasm) You also forget, that Nintendo is the only major console maker who doesn't LOSE money by loading up their consoles with bells and whistles, like hard drives and HD output. They also put out plenty of first-party titles. They're also the ones generating the most revenue off their products, based off what they put in. And that they should-- they've been in the business for over twenty years now. What it comes down to is, the gamers care about the games. Nintendo had plenty to deliver at E3, while Sony didn't. You really sound young, making all of these statements about console hardware. That's exactly the reason why rehashed shooter crap overflows my gaming magazines today.

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