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Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 1505

How is healthcare a right? Is it something that would be great for all of us to have, sure of course. Where is it written that medical care needs to be provided to everyone on a silver platter? Is driving a 'right'? Not at all, it's a privilege that you earn by studying, taking the tests, and proving you at least a basic ability to control the car. Even then, you have to have a car to drive, one isn't given to you once you get a license. Medical care, as far as I'm aware, always something that had to be paid for - either via the currency of the realm or trade/barter. If you couldn't pay for it, one way or another, you didn't get help. That's the way it goes. As a reasonably successful professional, I have no problem helping the less fortunate - I donate time and money annually through a variety of ways/means/organizations. What I take issue with is why should I, someone that works hard to earn my wage, enable or support lazy morons that don't work or even try (i.e. people that abuse government programs like Unemployment or Wellfare)?

Comment Re:i'm sick of this kind of whining (Score 1) 824

Okay sunshine, believe whatever you'd like to believe - wrong though you are. Let me ask you this: what way did you vote for the postage stamp for Wilt Chamberlain? What's that you say? You didn't vote on that one, someone in Washington D.C. with the title "Representative" voted in your place? Huh... That *might* have something to do with the fact that the United States of America IS NOT A TRUE DEMOCRACY. The United States is a Federal Constitutional Republic - period, done, end of story. In a true democracy everyone has an opportunity to vote for everything. Hell, strictly speaking we didn't even vote for the President, we voted for which way we want our state to vote for President via the Electoral College.

Comment This will NOT stand!! (Score 4, Funny) 303

Quick! Someone make an impassioned plea to the U.N. to write a strongly worded letter informing the Arctic that its actions are unacceptable and intolerable. We must not abide this clear violation of greenhouse gas limitation policy. Please, be sure the letter is *strongly worded*!!!

Comment Re:Uh...what? (Score 1) 787

Pojut, I'll thank you to take your rational, sane commentary and leave now. There's no place for your kind of middle-of-the-road-and-still-rational mindset here at /., the place where extremes live. Why hasn't this guy been modded "-1 Flamebait" yet? He's CLEARLY disagreeing with both sides of Global Warming, shouldn't each side be modding the piss outta him? ;-) ;-)

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