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Submission + - systemd starts killing your background processes by default ( 1

nautsch writes: systemd changed a default value in logind.conf to "yes", which will kill all your processes, when you log out. And as always: It's not a bug, it's a feature. Translated from the german source: "Bug of the day: systemd kills background processes on logout". There is already a bug-report over at debian: Debian bug tracker (link also from the source)

Comment Re:No. That is not the strategy (Score 1) 428

I like this argument. It's like saying: "Here are 20 heaps of shit. Choose one to step into."

Democracy works on a base of choice. If all choices are bad, you can try it yourself. But I think anybody not affiliated with one of the two parties does not stand a chance. And to get affiliated with one of the parties, you have to play the game and thus become one of those unchoosable choices yourself.

The one thing left to do is not to vote, but that only makes a difference, if everybody (or a very large group of people) does it. And by difference I mean it might be talked about, which might or might not change anything.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 602

Of course you pay the full costs of everything the state provides. Except a small amount, which is covered by state-debt.
Who else do you think pays the full cost of all that stuff?

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 621

This is the exactly reason why there are those ratings. After a certain age, it is okay to consume said content. I cannot imagine, that your dad let you watch splatter movies at the age of 6. I am not saying, that the ratings are perfect and there are no kids, that can handle the content, but I am saying, that a 6 year old child shouldn't be made (or allowed) to see ultra violent content.

By the way. I your dad was present during those movies or games it is a completely different story.

And I call bullshit on the character building and strengthening. You sound like you had a healthy relationship with your dad, which probably was responsible for you becoming a "great man" ;-)

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 621

Its not about imparting the behavior on the child. its about content that might be disturbing for younger players. Its about protecting the child from weeks of nightmares and not to protect you from being shot by a child which played GTA (which, as you said, is probably not going to happen).
This is also the reason, why I think violence in games is much much worse than nudity or sex. I was mature enough as a kid to watch those stupid late night erotic films, so i think the kids today might be able to handle that stuff, when they can hold a controller without breaking their hands.

Comment Re:And still no death penalty for rape (Score 2) 436

In no way am I saying rape isn't bad. If rape leads to death, then it is worse than murder. Although, it depends on the method of murder. Burning alive would be much worse.

So death by fire: what? 10 minutes? probably much less, due to suffocation; Death by rape: probably hours or days of pure torture.

Comment Re:And still no death penalty for rape (Score 1) 436

Yeah prove how excellent our society is by killing everyone who does something we don't like. Put them in prison by all means but killing them just proves that you are no better than them.

I am undecided on the death sentence, but I think theres a huge difference between "something we don't like" and rape. Noone should be killed for stealing a Mars bar, but for rape or murder ... not really sure.

Comment Re:There's more to this story. (Score 3, Interesting) 343

(preferred because somebody who really really tried could probably resurrect the old data through a mere zeroing, but it would be a lot harder if overwritten with random bytes, and way harder if you executed this command five or six times in a row).

I have NEVER seen that done or even heard of it. Could you link me to a source, where it is shown, that a zeroed drive could be used to get anything meaningful back? The "overwrite 7 times to be sure" is a myth as far as I know.

Comment Re:Marriage =/= legal union. (Score 1) 804

You can only go to your church, synagoge, mosque or whatever the sacred place is called in your religion to celebrate your marriage if you can show the official document sealing your marriage.

At least in Germany you can freely do any marriage rite you want without any paperwork. It just doesn't count anything (tax benefits, ...) as long as you didn't do the official paperwork from your municipality.

Comment Re:Just set a jumper, done (Score 2) 377

Why not? This is easily answered.

Secure Boot does not mean "secure for you". It means secure for Microsoft.

The advertised "feature" of anti-virus, anti-malware is a strawman. I don't get why any hardware manufacturer would be so unbelievably greedy and implement this just to get a stupid "Works with Windows 8" sticker, but obviously I am just too stupid to get it, because it will probably happen.

I really, really hope something will happen, that prevents the whole secure boot thing with MS certificates. I don't know. Maybe the European High Court (or whatever its called) does something about "secure boot"

There would be a really easy way of implementing secure boot without any certificates from a special vendor. Just securely hash the boot sector at first boot. If the has changes, ask the user to verify the change or rebuild the old boot sector. This way you cannot change the boot sector without the user knowing it. Easy as this and as secure as the so called "secure boot". And as a bonus you still can run any software YOU want.

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