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Comment Well, this was expected... (Score 1) 62

For all its flaws (region locking, expiring content etc), this is still better than not being able to store and watch later, especially since certain organizations (Copyswede, etc) want me to pay extra just because my phone has storage and therefore COULD be used to store privately copied copyrighted material (as in stuff I own and subsequently made copies of for my own personal use, not pirated material)... No allowing me to you know, actually doing that would be just plain wrong :D

Comment Re: Sorry, it's horribly insecure, (Score 1) 731

So a signature is more secure? I highly doubt that. Also, only bad banks will tell you this all the time, I was actually contacted by my bank when they suspected a fraudulent transaction. Didn't have to pay, and had the option to get a new one mailed right away and the old one disabled. If you lose your card you should always report it ASAP. It's also good to make the security code on the back unreadable, as well as be aware of your surroundings, something you really should be all the time.

Comment Re:Not surprising... (Score 1) 248

However, it has become PC to dehumanize the Germans and the Wehrmacht particularly, and downplay the fact that many Germans and most of the military weren't fighting for Hitler, or an Aryan nation without Jews, they were fighting for what pretty much every soldier fights for: their family, their country, and their comrades.

This is intentional. If people understand that the Germans were just like us, they would understand that we are subject to the same forces that the Germans were. With that awareness, we might look around us and see what is happening. If we learn that they control us by manipulating our allegiances to family, country, and comrades, then we're less likely to be affected by such manipulation in the future.

o/~ A priest's excuse, a ruler's tool, a tyrant's delight o/~
Another good one: o/~ Do you know who's paying the cost? The little soldier, he is lost o/~

A lot of truth in those words..

Comment Re:French Copwatch != US Copwatch (Score 1) 178

Actually.. They do. Well, ok, to them, you being a cop might be that damn good reason. 1) Not all people think rationally all the time. Heck, most people won't, at least once. Add drugs to to that mix. 2) In certain areas, being a cop IS reason enough. Also, many of those cops have families. 3) Need I really add organized crime to this? Ok, there you go.

That being said, I'm all for accountability and transparency. It is, however, important to differentiate between information about transgressions and information used to assault/threaten.

Comment Re:What classified information? (Score 1) 172

I can understand what you say about it still being classified..

That being said.. Regardless of this being how it works in the real world, someone caught with their hand in the cookie jar/up a girl's dress/whatever shouldn't cry about how wrong it is to release those secrets. Did something wrong and got caught? Boohoo, get in line and get your ass spanked. This is when I like to use the words often used by people who don't like others using encryption etc.. If you have nothing to hide.. ;) That cuts both way, just so you know it. Just because the secret is a national one, or has been deemed classified, it just doesn't mean that whatever wrongdoing it pertains to is suddenly not something to be punished. I don't really care if the secret is one that could topple the government. Can't live with the consequences? Don't do it. Simple as that.

Once again, if he did something he wasn't supposed to and got caught, well, he has himself to blame. That goes for everyone, including governments and their assorted skeletons.

Comment Re:I second the "idiots" volley (Score 1) 196

Well, the thing is, if it's not illegal, it shouldn't matter. If they use your opinion/religion/political views/favorite sports team/hobbies/whatever for something like this.. I honestly don't know what I'd do if they do it to me.. Of course, there are jobs where a bad credit rating, criminal record of a certain kind, etc, is a liability, but there are limits to what is relevant.

Comment Re:Lots of scary buzz words (Score 1) 203

Modern PLC-system? Seriously, PLC-systems are NOT upgraded at the rate some people upgrade their gaming systems. Sure, sometimes they get an overhaul, but I need only look at what was in use at the place I was at just 1 month ago. Big multinational company. What did they use? A lot of old PLCs, including ones as old as the Simatic S5-family. Why? Because they don't change them if they work and they can get spare parts. One really old system broke down some time back, and while they couldn't get a new one, they did have a transformer they could use instead of the original one, so they did. What kind of connection did they use most of the time? You guessed it; 9-pin RS-232 :P Instead of getting a bigger PLC when needing to upgrade, they added blocks with more I/O. You simply don't replace a whole system because there is something newer/better available.

Otoh, I have to wonder.. If people can indeed get access from outside, the security must be a joke.

Comment Here's what I don't get.. (Score 1) 337

First off, yes, I know, it's not their job to make sense, just to find new ways to get paid several times for the same crap.

Anyway. If the station pays for the music, and lets ANYONE listen to it, where you are shouldn't matter. Heck, maybe hairdressers should just let you borrow a radio and a pair of plugs and not play anything through speakers. Might cost a bit in plugs now and then since they'll probably cut a cord or two, but hey, most likely cheaper, right? ;)

Only way I'll ever pay for listening to radio is if they give me bacon as well. Mmm, bacon.

Comment Re:How much were the online sellers discounting? (Score 1) 237

I think it depends on your perspective.. Personally, as a consumer I absolutely loathe any attempt to control what I can buy, and from where, regardles of whether it's a game, CD, DVD, BD, etc, or digital downloads of those.. Or the hardware, for that matter. They should just STFU and sell. They exist because we want their products, regardless of how we came to want them. When I buy a movie, I don't give a damn which version they want to sell in my country; I buy the version that has what I want, with price being semi-important factor..

From movies with differing aspect ratios, audio tracks, and extras, via which music I can buy, to what games I get to play, it's all pissing me off enough to make me want to bash some heads :P

Comment Re:If I were Iran (Score 1) 319

Well, the argument about international law is not really relevant anymore.. Since the US doesn't care about it, why should anyone else? ;)
Nukes are bad, to be sure, but I can't really argue that some can have them, and other's can't, not with a straight face anyway.
I do agree on the deterrent-vs defense part though, and I can't say I'd be happy to see Iran getting nukes, but I can't really say that about any country having them either..

This reminds me of The Big Bang, in which Sweden nukes itself.. Kind of hard to do without nukes :D

Addendum; The US doesn't care about international law as long as it's about them obeying it. If non-alies don't, it's another thing alltogether.

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