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Comment Re:Sigh. How many major standards wars is this? (Score 1) 72

So in your opinion we should all still be using USB 1.0?

Do you understand that this is nothing more than an extension of an existing standard for charging that currently tops out at 50kW? My connector works fine at 1kW and at 50kW.

My 50kW capable connector uses 2-pins for DC and the pins are already capable of 200A so you appear to want to replace those 2 pins with 8 pins to get 50kW and for 350kW we need 56 pins? Is that sensible? Nope. And that's why real automotive engineers have designed the CCS instead of you.

Comment Re:NO to popular vote (Score 1) 1429

Tyranny of the minority is better?

LA County didn't dictate the popular vote results.

Enabling gerrymandering of districts determine a presidential election sounds like a terrible idea.

I have a better idea, elect presidents just like we elect everyone else. Vote, Most votes win. The vote of a rural Wyoming farmer should have exactly the same weight of a rural California farmer. And the vote of someone who lives in a city with a population of 192 should have exactly the same weight as someone who lives in New York CIty.

Comment Re:Bad math (Score 1) 280

While I don't disagree, there aren't any investment vehicles that return a guaranteed 5% tax-free and you neglect the remaining value of the system after 25 years (maybe $0, probably not).

In Arizona one utility wants everyone to pay a $10+/kW peak demand charge plus an 8 cents/kWh difference between peak and off peak rates. A 10kWh battery along with a smart load controller that can reduce that peak demand by 5kW can save you $50mo and if you can shift 10kWh/day from peak to off peak rates that is another $24/mo. Almost $75/mo just from the battery or $900/yr. Is that worth investing $8000 in a couple of PowerWall units and a smart controller? Are demand rates and peak/off peak rate differences going to rise over time? Probably.

Add in solar panels and you can probably reduce your peak demand to zero during the on-peak window and without needing to send any excess power to the utility (desireable since utilities are pushing punitive extra charges for grid-tied solar that are avoided if you don't sell back to the utility).

I think Elon and Solar City recognize that the utilities are doing their best to make solar net metering completely impractical and the solution is PowerWall to avoid net metering surcharges and get quick payback by reducing peak demand usage charges (where if the ONLY power you used the entire month was 10kWh during a single 1 hour period they could charge you $101.50 ($10.15/kWh) for power they want to buy from your neighbor's solar panels for 20 cents. Utilities want to even charge a per kW fee for you merely having solar panels hooked to the grid, meaning even if you never feed power back into the grid they want you to pay them for having solar panels on your roof.

All that gouging on the part of utilities goes away if you avoid net metering and get batteries with a smart controller. The more the utilities push peak demand usage charges the more sense batteries make. The utilities have done a great job of undercutting the economics of roof top solar but once affordable batteries get added to the equation they are back to losing their ability to control their future.

Comment Re:Caveats (Score 1) 280

There is a reason for using micro-inverters instead of a "central, single, high-quality, high-power inverter".

It has nothing to do with cost or quality. It's nonsense that all you want coming from your roof is well filtered DC, that's simply a statement on your part with no basis. Many homes have grid tie connections at their roof-line that provide them AC power.

The 5kW PowerWall rating is for a single unit and single units aren't intended to provide power for your entire home, you parallel them up to whatever peak amp rating and kWh capacity your design calls for. They can be used to time shift power consumption, reduce peak demand or let you run off-grid, your choice.,

Everything has a "decidedly limited lifetime". Maybe by "decidedly" you mean something more specific like an expected lifetime. Most things in your home from your roof to your air conditioner also have expected lifetimes.

There is no "ongoing maintenance" with the PowerWall units that differs from anything else in your home. You dust your lightbulbs, wipe off your fridge and that's pretty much the sum of the "ongoing maintenance" for the PowerWall units.

Comment Re:Less Space than a Nomad. (Score 3) 361

You did a survey of what most people want?

Most people bitch about their cell phone battery life but that hasn't led to Apple doing anything but making their phones thinner and their batteries smaller.

Maybe what most people want has nothing to do with it and it is more a matter of advertising thinnest and lightest works even though people end up disappointed about things that actually matter like battery life.

Good luck with that 10 hours of battery life doing more than watching videos, at low brightness with WiFi turned off.

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