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Comment Re: Internet of (some) Things (Score 1) 114

Put me down as one of the people who doesn't trust random strangers to be unaccompanied in my home.

I can get a plumber or electrician 24/7. So can you if you try. That the random strangers you let into your house unaccompanied are also unreliable suggests you need to find more reliable strangers to wander around your house when you aren't at home.

Comment Re:Great idea.. :( (Score 4, Informative) 134

We currently spend stupendously huge amounts of money on healthcare, education and infrastructure.

Education "more than any other nation in the report' (per capita, roughtly $15,000 per student, approximate $1 Trillion):

Healthcare "$3.2 Trillion" (over $10,000 per person):

Infrastructure "$416 Billion":

That's approximately $4.5 Trillion

Comment Uber doesn't work that way (Score 1) 80

You can cancel a driver immediately without penalty. If you get a driver you've had before and didn't like or it's a driver with a POS car or a driver with a poor rating that's your opportunity to cancel.

The ghost drivers that plague me, in a non-US location, are drivers who are faking their locations so the appear to be close but actually aren't. I think they are being ghosts for a different reason, fear that the taxi mafia in this country in cooperation with the corrupt police harass Uber drivers and in some cases attack them. Every Uber driver insists that I ride up front and if pulled over pretend the driver is just my friend driving me around.

The taxi mafia here has good reason to fear Uber, it cuts into their revenue from ripping off people with everything from lying about the fare to pulling a counterfeit currency switcheroo when you pay.

Comment I'm sure my front door has "very bad security" (Score 0) 71

My front door could probably be picked relatively easily.

That doesn't mean you get to pick my locks, wander through my house and when arrested blame your intrusion on me.

We can argue over the appropriate punishment, we can argue about edge cases but "it was easy" isn't an excuse and neither is you having Aspergers.

Comment Re:And you guys thought Samsung were bad (Score 1) 204

Where do you think the CPSC gets its reports of problems from? People.

False/incorrect claims of issues are not uncommon and the agencies log them all.

"NHTSA Finds No Safety Issue In Tesla Model S Investigation, Says Most Claims Were Fake"

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