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Comment Re:Jokes on them! (Score 3, Informative) 165

Many graphics cards can drive 3 4k monitors, including those using the NVIDIA 1080 GPU

If you were really asking how many can do it for gaming to your personal satisfaction, that's an entirely different question.

To explain how you can fit one inside a laptop, buy one of the several laptops on the market that have teh NVIDIA 1080 GPU inside, tear them apart and you'll see how they fit them inside.

Comment Re:Autonomous Date (Score 1) 198

The only limitation to getting autonomous vehicles on the road by 2021 are legal/regulatory issues.

Those "parlour tricks" do a pretty good job of driving already, another 4 years of machine learning and I think they'll do a stupendous job.

On the other hand, my Aunt Mildred will be an even worse driver in 4 years and my nephew Luke will probably still think he's a great driver but all the tickets he's gotten tell me a different story. I look forward to both of them not being behind a wheel in 4 years.

Comment Re:I feat they will put WiFi in every telephone ne (Score 1) 376

The worst thing my TV can do if hacked is stop working completely and forever.

If you don't want to use your WiFi features in your TV or your fridge then simply don't enable the WiFi. Problem solved.

The mass attacks on IoT devices has been against devices that can be directly addressed from the Internet, not devices that are sitting behind a firewall.

I can also freeze to death if my dumb furnace stops working. I don't fear that either, not because it couldn't happen but because I understand that if a furnace stops working I need to call someone to repair it and find a warm place to stay if my house gets too cold.

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