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Comment I doubt it really happened (Score 1) 318

Just because a General who heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend doesn't mean it happened.

Smells like fake news, repeated across multiple media sites that then makes people think it actually happened.

They have been used to shoot down 10' drones but those don't cost $200 and tend to be flying up quite a bit higher. So 10' drone becomes drone becomes $200 drone and the story evolves into being false.

Comment Re:Pointless, is pointless (Score 2) 76

Not everyone wants a phone to access the Internet. The $50 phones can be far more reliable, robust and have batteries that you can charge once a week instead of daily.

They are also lighter and you don't cry when they fall on the floor and your amortized cost just jumped by another $150 because you cracked your screen.

Comment Re:Obsolete (Score 3, Informative) 98

Bots creating GoFundMe pages have replaced bums, no need to stand on the street holding a tin cup when you can create a bot to create an online story of distress and have it beg money for you.

Another role of bums has been to stand in line at ticket venues to buy tickets for scalpers. That has been digitized and now online bots are wildly successful at scarfing up large numbers of the best seats for scalpers.

So far we haven't had a bot able to make a plasma donation, but give science some time.

Comment Re:Has he been invited to the white house? (Score 3, Insightful) 920

The media is "always appalling"? I disagree.

There are some great media outlets putting out well researched and written articles daily.

Then there are the media outlets targeting people who are only interested in some red meat half-truths being tossed out so they can rant and rave.

While you might not see it as such, I see the current "media dishonesty" schtick to be nothing more than the shark attack media frenzy you complained about.

Comment Re:Desert (Score 1) 457

"Given what's going on" ... implies something about current flooding, not flooding 20 years ago.

The massive inflows of water into Lake Oroville in late 1996, coupled with massive rain all over the region lead to widespread flooding. I'm not sure how much of that flooding was just from releases from Lake Oroville and I'm not sure how someone can conclude that if the dam wasn't there the water flow would have been any less.

That a dam offers flood control doesn't mean it is able to prevent all flooding and it doesn't mean that if a flood occurs it is due to a failure of the dam to provide flood control.

But I'm open to data that shows that if the dam hadn't been in place that flooding would have been less severe.

Comment Re:The problem was lack of maintenance (Score 1) 457

They are not "storing more water than it was designed to safely hold". It can safely hold 100% of capacity and if they spillway hadn't been shut down due to damage the lake level would be below 100%.

But I do like seeing people using words like "hoard" instead of "store". Sounds ominous or bad, something evil people would do. Dam water hoarders. Terrible, simply terrible.

The Sierra Club sued because they felt the dam didn't meet safety regulations. The dam has ALWAY been primarily a water storage dam. That water storage dams also serve to control flooding is an added bonus.

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