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Comment Re:UPS Rings Doorbells? (Score 5, Informative) 363

This. I worked for them over a holiday season as a "driver helper" once, and the whole experience was pretty eye opening. Pretty much every package is "shipper release" if it's residential. A lot of good drivers would tell me that if it looked expensive (laptop sized box from Best Buy, for example) that I should try to get a signature even though the package didn't require one. But basically, drivers don't need to get your signature anymore. They should still try to deliver something, but if it's 3pm in the afternoon (the routes are designed to have them doing residential in the evening, but if they have an easy day...) they are going to assume no one is home, and might make the bad choice there. UPS makes all their money from commercial stuff anyway, residential is just a side thought that is a total pain in the ass to deal with.

Comment Re:This is a problem. (Score 1) 182

Careful with that. In some cases an app that is restarting itself in the background and getting killed regularly uses more power with the stopping and restarting than it does just letting it sit and do nothing. I know with my droid incredible (verizon punishes their users, too) that there are a few apps I had to learn to add to the ignore list in taskiller. However, once I rooted my phone I removed the crap and fixed the problem.

Comment Re:Compiz configuration tool (Score 1) 729

That's the first thing I did, and if you enable "wobbly windows" (it's always fun for about 2 minutes), it asks if you would be okay with disabling the "unity plugin". I said yes, knowing it was a mistake. I was quite right. Thoroughly destroyed the system, all GUI elements broken. Rebooted, GUI is dead. Fortunately I went into it with experimentation in mind so I didn't care, but someone less knowledgeable would be quite messed up by such a thing. At no point does it say "warning: this could break your GUI".

Comment Re:of course (Score 2) 397

You're a fool. Sony sold a console advertising features that it later took away. That is completely disrespectful to their customers. And I don't really care what you want to do with YOUR ps3, that's the point. And neither you nor Sony gets to decide what I do with my personal property. If I choose to break open my ps3 so I can run homebrew on it, that's my fucking right. I bought the hardware, and have the right to use it as I wish. Just because you don't want to doesn't mean no one else does. Just because some assholes decide to cheat doesn't mean I lose my rights to my own property. Those assholes should be banned from the online services the same way Xbox Live or Steam manage the people who cheat on there. People rob banks using getaway cars, I guess we should ban cars too, right? Dumbass.

Comment Re:of course (Score 1) 397

Are you kidding me? They were making it so anyone could run homebrew on their OWN consoles. What they did in no way affected anyone's PS3 who didn't want have anything to do with it. The only people taking dumps on property is Sony. They have proven time and time again that they will gladly abuse their own customers. If you want to get in line for the anal rape, have at it. Some of us have some self respect.

Comment Re:Major factor in not choosing android for me (Score 1) 459

Don't let this turn you off of Android as a platform, just use it as guidance on which phone manufacturers to avoid. I have an HTC Incredible and I can't recommend it enough. HTC releases OTA updates a month or two after google releases new versions of the OS, and it works great. If that isn't your cup of tea, it's easy to root the phone and then put any version of the android OS you want on it. Just because Samsung/T-Mobile/whoever decided to be a jerk about this, doesn't mean the OS is broken.

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