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Comment Re:Any possibility that sunscreen causes cancer? (Score 1) 210

I've had this discussion with people in the past, and personally, I feel that there's a big difference between an increase in cases of autism (or anything, for that matter), and an increase in DIAGNOSED cases of autism. In the past 10 years (or so), our understanding of the signs of autism has greatly increased, which would then lead to a increase in the number of cases. Does that mean we're doing something to cause that increase? Not at all, it just means that we have a name now for what's "wrong" with those kids that 15-20 years ago were just labeled as "weird" or worse.

Comment Re:When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 1) 456

Speaking from experience, restless leg syndrome shouldn't be on your list....I'd never had an issue with what is commonly known as RLS in the past, but after being put on a new medication, I developed symptoms of it....when the medication was changed, the symptoms went away.

Comment Re:Is LO catching up with MS Office? (Score 1) 254

Unless they changed something that I haven't read about yet, they haven't moved to a subscription-only model for Office quite yet. They do offer it as an option, but it's still an option to go out and buy a physical copy of Office 2013 (the last "official" release for Windows) as well.

Comment Re:Seriously! (Score 2) 147

I didn't read the actual article, but from some other comments on here, it sounds like this is doing a bit more than a traditional safe: Counting the funds inserted and Transmitting this deposit to the bank to name just a couple things. This means: - Network/Internet access to some degree, including all the necessary security features (SSL, etc) - Peripheral access (bill reader) - Some sort of confirmation on the safe that the deposit was completed Considering this has been described by some as an "ATM in reverse", it probably makes sense to use the same code base as an ATM, which in many cases means XP embedded (or its newer versions).

Comment Re:The. ignorance is strong in this one. (Score 4, Informative) 294

If I had to guess, this isn't a case of "government tapping into my bank account", but rather a case of having previously given them payment information tied to this account, and as a "courtesy", they auto-renewed the registration when it was due. Heck, an "auto-renew" setting may have even been turned on and forgotten about...

Comment Re:Not Exactly.... (Score 1) 487

Fair enough....I haven't tested the "other side" of this (using a shared key to access a network) because I don't use FB, Skype, or Outlook, but I would hope that the option I mentioned earlier (that "share this network with my contacts" switch) isn't an option for networks that you got the key for through Wifi Share. Maybe someone who's actually used the new feature can weigh in on that part of it

Comment Not Exactly.... (Score 5, Informative) 487

I've been running pretty much every build of Win10 since the preview first came out, and this isn't accurate at all....Yes, the Wi-Fi sense option is there, but when you connect to a new network, there's a "share with my contacts" checkbox that you have to turn ON for this network to be shared. The Wi-Fi Sense "master switch" may be on by default, but you have to specifically allow each individual network to be shared.

Comment Re:That's stupid (Score 3, Interesting) 104

HTC actually has come up with a good way to handle this. They've moved many of their "factory" apps into the Play Store, so they can push updates that way independent of the carriers. I've even received lock screen and Sense (their "home screen" for those unfamiliar with it) updates though this method. The only thing they can't push is updates to Android itself this way.

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