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Comment Re:Yes--But the Trend is Toward Biological Realism (Score 1) 209

I'm still mystified by the desire to make computational neural nets more like biological ones. Biological neurons are *bad* in many ways -- for one, they are composed of a large number of high signal-to-noise sensors (ion channels). This random behavior is necessary to conserve energy and space in a brain. But computers have random-access memory and energy isn't really a limiting factor; why impose these flaws?

Sure, there may be things that can be discovered by playing with network models more inspired by biology. But there's this bizarre meme going around that we have to make computers act like brains for them to be any good. We don't.

Comment Re:Amazon Showroom Effect (Score 1) 207

Comment Amazon Showroom Effect (Score 4, Interesting) 207

When Amazon started out, big-box stores became a showroom: people would look at that new TV, and go buy it on Amazon.

Now, I go to Amazon to check reviews, but do most of my shopping on specialized vendors like Newegg or B&H Photo & Video. The specialized stores tend to have slightly better prices, or better selections, or better recommendations. Amazon is now my showroom for the rest of the Internet.

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