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Comment Re:If no one goes to jail, it means nothing... (Score 1) 143

All of the engineering for VW happens in Germany and the US Justice Department has no jurisdiction there which will complicate them putting someone in jail.

Also, apparently it must be OK if cars kill people as no one has demanded that someone from GM, Ford, Takata or other companies that cause fatalities be put in jail. But if you screw up emissions and the executive management is clueless (which most executive management is about the details of most companies) - send them straight to jail!

Yes, CEOs and other executive managers should be completely aware of what is going on in the company they manage. However, I have never seen that at any of the large "Fortune 500" companies that I have had experience with (which is quite a few -- especially automotive)./p?

Comment Re:Do you people really not know? Disgraceful (Score 2) 292

The answer to that is that Jorge should not be released.

However "sex offender" registries are not lists of pedophiles or predators, though they do have pedophiles or predators in them. It is a list of people convicted of "sex crimes" which might, or might not, involve children. It also includes kids who are sexting each other, parents who take photos of their kids in the bathtub or some state of undress (this used to be a common thing back in the day) and even people that had to take a piss so bad someplace where there wasn't a bathroom, so they went in the bushes and got caught.

The problem with sex offender registries is that Morons, such as yourself, assume everyone on it is Jorge

Comment Re:Erm... (Score 1) 292

This is the point I was going for! Also, if the offender really is a danger to society, he should not be released back into society to find other Victims. However if is not a danger to society, he should not be "punished" for the rest of his life with no change of employment or not being legally allowed to exist (which is the result of laws that prevent "sex offenders" from living pretty much anywhere)

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