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Comment Re:Didn't trump want to block this? (Score 1) 104

It isn't the "regulation and subsidies" that "grant the big players monopoly" and "keeps small players out of the market" for internet, cable and telephone -- it's the really high cost of entry to build the infrastructure. Actually, the "regulation and subsidies" help the "small players" by forcing the "big players" share the infrastructure. Remove the "regulation and subsidies" and the "small players" can no longer exist as they will no longer have access to the infrastructure they need to remain in business!

Comment Re:Trump scare maybe (Score 1) 217

No, it's more like Intel had decided to spend $7 billion on the fab for business reasons not involving Trump (most likely long before Trump became president, and possibly even before the election) so they decided that, hey -- we should announce it now while we are meeting with Trump so he will be more supportive of us and not use Twitter to tank our stocks!

Comment Re:Easy answer (Score 0) 489

You might have a point in that iOS is consistently unusable. An OS that uses secret gestures and other secret, vague methods of performing actions just does not lead to something you can actually use. Yes, UIs on Android from different vendors look different, but at least you can figure out how to accomplish when you want to do. Also, this is true of every other OS that isn't locked to hardware from 1 manufacturer such as Linux (which can be used with a myriad of "desktop" interfaces) and even Windows and OS/X to some degree (which can be "extended" with 3rd party applications).

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