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Comment Re:well (Score 1) 671

We have some VB6 apps and they are quickly becoming impossible to maintain since the development environment is no longer supported and getting it to run on modern hardware with modern OSes, especially in virtual machines, is becoming difficult. however is still very much alive and very usable.

Comment Re:Removing age barrier would solve the problem (Score 1) 472

None of this is new -- "cloud stuff", VMs, networking and unix were all around over 40 years ago (the "cloud stuff" was called timesharing). Networking has not really changed that much in the past 40 years either, it's still mostly TCP/IP. Also, the Networking involved in CCNA and/or CCNP are all low level operational stuff (routing) and not relevant to programming, which is mostly what is referred to when talking about STEM..

Comment Re:If no one goes to jail, it means nothing... (Score 1) 143

All of the engineering for VW happens in Germany and the US Justice Department has no jurisdiction there which will complicate them putting someone in jail.

Also, apparently it must be OK if cars kill people as no one has demanded that someone from GM, Ford, Takata or other companies that cause fatalities be put in jail. But if you screw up emissions and the executive management is clueless (which most executive management is about the details of most companies) - send them straight to jail!

Yes, CEOs and other executive managers should be completely aware of what is going on in the company they manage. However, I have never seen that at any of the large "Fortune 500" companies that I have had experience with (which is quite a few -- especially automotive)./p?

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