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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: picking up programming for web apps

narfdude writes: I haven't written a line of code since 1995, took an introduction to C in university and now have an idea for a web app I'd like to build myself as a hobby. Where should I start? What language(s) should I start learning? I was thinking HTML5/CSS could be a good starting point.

Submission + - A parent's quest to protect kids online 2

narfdude writes: "I'm a dad of 2 kids (7 & 4) and my son scared me when I realized he Googled at school — the time has come. I'm looking for ideas to protect my kids when they're on-line, and reaching out to Slashdotters for their collective wisdom. I'm looking for the most effective strategy and tools/products to accomplish this goal, and thinking of a desktop/gatweay dual approach. I'm sure there are decent open-source server-based tools out there that could block out unwanted apps and URLs/content, as well as commercial/open-source tools for the desktop. Does anybody have a strategy to share?"

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