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Comment Re:RACIST! (Score 1) 514

Your thesis is ingenious. A fucking swiss watch, if i understand it correctly. Let me try to break it down here:

The Problem:
* Black people are not employed in the tech sector in representative numbers

The Cause:
* Black people only do things that are cool
* Studying math/science/tech is NOT cool
* Black people's families are also terrible

The Solution:
* Make education cool (It's the only way to motivate black people!)

It's all so simple now.. so obvious. I mean, when you put it that way, even a black person might be able to understand it! (ha ha YEAH RIGHT, AMIRITE?? ha ha! they are so dumb!!!)

Comment Re:Equal Rights Equal Results (Score 1) 593

I'm a boss. There are lots of right people. The right person is someone who can get along with all the OTHER people. Aptitude is not as important as attitude. Yours is kind of selfish and cynical. I'd hire a woman over you. She's more likely to be a team player. It's a stereotype, but....

but what? but it's a good stereotype, so you can act like you're "one of the good guys" without having to admit to your fundamentally prejudiced and patronizing worldview?

well played. cynically saying whatever you believe people want to hear in an attempt to keep and justify your grasp on power, LIKE A BOSS!

Comment Re:Do not want (Score 1) 81

I have never in my life heard the word "thugs" used as a "code for black people". That's the honest truth.

You do know that a big part of something being "code" for something else is so that people who don't know the code don't realize it's being used that way, right?

Unless you've been living under a rock, it is probably not true that you have never heard the term used this way. I think it is true that you are fairly ignorant about racism/racial code words in present day America, which I would hope would lead you to do a cursory search about the topic instead of posting your ignorance as some kind of an anecdotal evidence, bafflingly rewarded with upvotes.

It's one thing to not be up to date on, say, who will be offended if you don't address them as "zhe", but you seem to be pro-actively denying the existence of a fairly widespread racial slur, which seems indefensible to me.

Comment Re:Psychopathic Personalities (Score 1) 311

The distinction you are attempting to make between the terms exists only in the movies/media/news, not among the people who actually study it. Calling Steve Jobs a psychopath is just as "scientifically" valid as calling him a sociopath.

There can be a distinction between the terms, but it is not the one that you refer to (psychopath = crazed murderer, sociopath = ruthless but nonviolent CEO).

Comment narcissism (Score 1) 166

the article's description of the mental error described in evaluating "the birthday problem":

Yet this is the wrong calculation to consider because that probability—the probability that someone has the same birthday as you—is not what the question asked. It asked about the probability that any two people in the same room have the same birthday as each other. This includes the probability that one of the others has the same birthday as you, which is what I calculated above, but it also includes the probability that two or more of the other people share the same birthday, different from yours.

is very similar to the mental error(s) discussed by The Last Psychiatrist in his post "The Nanny State Didn't Show Up, You Hired It", and it's not a lack of mathematical skill or analysis:

It is this kind of example that trips up the "public" when judging things like Buckyballs because we don't think in large numbers and apply to one (statistics), we think in terms of ourselves and multiply by 6 billion (narcissism).

Comment Re:See a psychologist. (Score 1) 384

A common misconception of depression is that it's an emotional disorder, or that emotional sadness/distress are necessary components, but they are just symptoms in some people with the condition.

Depression is a mood disorder. How is this a misconception? What criteria of depression allows someone to be diagnosed with it without exhibiting emotional distress?

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