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Submission + - Get Your Genome Sequenced Here (

An anonymous reader writes: Forbes has a cover story on why new gene technologies are going to lead to a boom in tests that will tell you your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. "Soon all of us will be able to find out what ticking time bombs lie hidden inside our DNA ..." the article notes, "if we really want to know." enetic-testing-dna-tech-cx_mh_rl_0531dna_land.html

The reason for the boom: "Seven years later Moore's Law has come to gene hunting. Powering the revolution are new devices that speed-read DNA cheaper than ever before."

These new machines may make it possible to find out about your disease risk, and even to get your whole genome sequenced. A project at Harvard is seeking to sequence the DNA of thousands of people. See: html

Other features of interest:
-12 Gene Tests That Could Change Your Life: ble-tech_cz_rl_mh_0531genetests.html

-Video of a woman who took a radical step after finding out she had a cancer-causing gene. ncer053107

-A reporter gets genotyped: tml

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