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Comment Got what they deserved.. (Score 1) 276

I can picture the Dean, the Lord of the campus, just saying "He's not gonna move here?, He's fired today. That will show him." *Just think Animal House* They got what they deserved. He was the IT Admin. They should have worked with him to transition him out in a careful and respectful manner. Then he would have made sure everything was kosher before signing off for the last time. i did read he immediately returned the laptop that had the password on it. They flushed it..

Comment Obama's bullshit answer (Score 5, Insightful) 534

1. Snowden did attempt to go through proper channels. The big ignore..
2. He had no whistleblower protections in place.
3. If he had surrendered, he would have been subjected to torture and punishment without trial. FISA court..
4. This is like the only thing that congress has agreed with Obama on in both terms.. That in itself should be a red flag..
5. With guarantees for fairness, he would have faced a court. Couldn't get those guarantees.

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