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Comment Sounds like a great thing for a fur-suiter to have (Score 1) 25

Fur-suiting folks have a big problem with vision. You're usually looking out through mesh fabric, often recessed and colored. Your vision is limited and peripheral vision is almost nonexistent. And that's if your fursona (furry persona) is a predator species. If your character is a prey species, your eyes aren't in the right place, which looks odd. A system (which could be hacked) that provides a camera-and-display for each eye would let one mount the cameras where your line of sight should be and allow the mask to have eyes in the proper place.

Comment John W. Campbell got there first (Score 1) 129

I guess I'm the only one here old enough to remember John W. Campbell's space operas in which he postulated two materials made from "crystallized light". One material, lux, was a super-strong, transparent, insulator. The other, relux, was a perfectly reflecting superconductor. Look up his novel "Islands of Space.

Comment Re:I'm doing my best to keep them afloat (Score 1) 168

I do read a lot, mostly for entertainment. I'm averaging about three novels a week. I love that I can pack a dozen books for a trip without worrying about overweight luggage charges. At the price I'm paying per book, I'm now reading in more genres and reading more authors in the genre I always read a lot of. My model of Kindle doubles as an MP3 player, so I can have my tunes along as in-flight entertainment, too.

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