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Comment Re:3.6.2 released (Score 2, Funny) 509

looking at your list, there was one advisory in 2009, one in 2008, and then one in 2006. I think what is happening here is lynx is just introdusing a minor security flaw about once a year just so they can hang out with all the cool kids. They are just trying to be "edgy" and "hip".

Comment Re:Serves the noobs right (Score 1) 149

Remember that managers are there to solve YOUR problems, in theory anyways. They help keep your plate clean so you can focus on task. Present the risks, and let them own this issue and whatever the outcome is you did the right thing.

Wow, my manager tried to feed me something like that once. He was in a war with one of the other managers over who got to control which minions.

Comment Re:eh? (Score 1) 794

To me, legislating food beyond "dis shit be lethal, don't sell it" is rather stupid, and people should be allowed to make their own decisions.

In sufficiently large doses, anything's lethal.

Yeh.. he referring to things that you can not detect easily, with your own senses like arsenic and lead. Maybe you should look at the meaning and not the words.

Comment Re:Go go Nanny State... (Score 1) 794

by ircmaxell (1117387) writes: Alter Relationship on Thursday March 11, @02:55PM
Well, the last time I checked, salt is a vital element to our survival (It regulates water content, not enough and we'd all die of dehydration regardless of how much water we drank). So by removing it from public sources, are they thereby impacting at least some people's ability to get salt (IE those that do not eat much at home) and hence endangering them? Sure, excessive salt can be dangerous, but not nearly as dangerous as not enough... This sounds to me like a "That sounds bad, we should do something about it!" snap decision... Sigh...


Comment Re:Streaming music player + other app (Score 3, Informative) 345

Well if multi tasking is implemented as a series of call backs so that any process that is waiting on data is not consuming clock cycles then there should be no more drain when "multitasking" then when running one application. I have never written anything in objective C but with most of my embedded c programming I am able to put any processes that is not doing anything to sleep, so it does not consume extra power.

As far as I can tell using the backgrounder on my jail broken iphone when not actively working most programs still consume cycles. So almost all of this could be fixed if the wait() call is not properly implemented in the lib.

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