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Submission + - Problems with Pixel XL?

An anonymous reader writes: Google's flagship phone — the Pixel XL — appears to have an intermittent lockup problem — the phone becomes unresponsive for 60-120 seconds — and users in the discussion forums aren't too happy with how Google is responding.

Comment Re:I think your finger pointed the wrong way (Score 2) 295

wow. what an incredibly impressive rant. I always love when my competence is brought into question by an anonymous coward.

FYI, my linux port DOES work, just not on the specific platform that the client initially chose. I offered to explore this cost reducing move, which was progressing swimmingly until i hit this linux/intel/qml opengl incompatibility.The only downside was I spent some of MY time exploring the options, and we now need to stay running Windows Embedded for a little longer, until we can qualify a arm based board that will work.

Comment I agree - the linux GPU support is broken (Score 2) 295

In 2 words: THEY SUCK.

I had to abort a windows to linux port because the intel linux graphics driver is BROKEN (Intel Atom N455). I spent weeks convincing a customer he was better off moving his code base to linux, and when I finally got the OK to build a prototype, the UI was unusable. I really wish the GPU manufacturers would provide enough documentation so the Open source ppl could come in and fix it.

Comment Re:No law is needed (Score 5, Interesting) 318

I own a Motorola Atrix 4G. It is an excellent smartphone platform. It has been abandoned
by Motorola even though the phone can easily run ICS and Jellybean. We Atrix 4G users
may never see an official update, on a phone they originally PROMISED to update.

Sad thing is Motorola Mobility is now owned by Google. Go Figure.

Comment Violence has become more Violent (Score 1) 161

I think the real problem is the violence in video games, TV and film has desensitized people to what constitutes violence and brutality. Most people have their 'humanity' meter calibrated to know what is right and wrong. They will find most of the media violence repulsive or intriguing, but completely unacceptable as reality.

The problem becomes the sociopaths and psychopaths who do not have a way to determine what is acceptable behavior. It used to be that even showing blood on TV was a no-no. Now we show beheadings, dismemberments, and mass murders as almost common occurrences. How is somebody who has a poor grasp of reality supposed to interpret this information?

Another contributing factor is the extreme repression of anything sexual in the media - it forces most forms of entertainment into violence.

We live in a very screwed up society.

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