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Comment Re:Apache what? (Score 1) 42

What would you use as an alternative to Solr? One of the things I use it for is to index several internal wikis so that we can have a centralized search engine (also the default search engines suck). In this case, I need to index the content as well. The thing that gave me the most difficulty was tweaking the config so to get page rankings "just right".

Comment Re:E-mail? (Score 1) 346

Yes, I guess the fact that encryption was never properly integrated into Outlook/Exchange has prevented its widespread adoption. However, I believe that the added hassle of encrypting attachments is justified when sending sensitive/confidential information via email. I worked for a large tech company that had very strict rules for dealing with confidential information, including using encryption for emails. I'm amazed that more companies don't require it because the repercussions of a breach can be severe.

Comment Re:Female programmers (Score 1) 608

Interesting data. However, I don't think that salary entirely explains the trend. I know 3 elementary teachers who refuse to teach anything higher than grade 3 because the prefer teaching younger kids. One teacher said her reason was because she felt she had a greater impact on the development of the child at that age.

Comment Re:Female programmers (Score 1) 608

I didn't say it was a good thing, just that men don't tend to go into teaching just as women don't tend to go into programming. It's true that there's sexism and hostility to women in IT (and many other fields). However, even if we could wave a magic want and made all that bad stuff go away we're never going to see a 50/50 split in the technology field.

You will find that "drawn to" is being dominated by "pushed away from".

I don't agree with that. Off all the women I know from childhood, only a small fraction have gone into technology. The rest have gone into fields like accounting, law, finance, sales, marketing, teaching and medicine (doctors, pharmacists and nurses). They didn't choose these fields because they were "pushed away" from programming.

Comment Re:Altruism vs profit. (Score 1) 156

Sometimes companies won't touch the code at all unless it's a BSD style license because of various legal reasons. Personally, I'd rather see companies using BSD code with the possibility of some of them releasing there changes than having companies not use the code at all because it's GPL'ed.

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