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Comment Re:Oh bullshit! (Score 1) 320

Except people don't regularly die from supermarket flowers? If a child picks up a flower (or even, dare I say, a whole bouquet of them), there's an extremely small chance that they'll accidentally kill themselves.

Quick Google search shows 1337 children under 18 died from gunshot wounds in 2010, with over 7000 more hospitalized.

And while you may like the comparison for political reason, gay people are discriminated against because who they are doesn't match up with 1st-century morals. Gun lovers are discriminated against because they lobby against laws that could make those numbers drop down to match the rest of the civilized world's.

Comment Re:Arrrgh.. (Score 2) 288

Don't hurt anyone, don't lie or steal from anyone and don't crap where we all live.

Sometimes we need specific laws to protect people from the nuanced, less-direct ways to "hurt" people or "steal" from them, like ripping them off or selling products that aren't reasonably safe.

I think that if you examined all of the country's laws (of which I'll agree there are too many), I bet most would fall into one of your three categories.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 5, Insightful) 276

For me, "gamer" has always carried the same connotation that "film buff" does: just as I wouldn't consider somebody who occasionally goes to the movies a "film buff", I wouldn't necessarily consider a person who occasionally plays games on their phone to be a "gamer".

At the end of the day, though, my litmus comes down to whether the person considers video games to be an important part of their life and their identity. For me, video games were my entire childhood, and are my primary hobby today. And even though my girlfriend never played the hardcore CRPG's and FPS's of my youth, playing Sonic, Kirby, and Nintendo GameCube with her little sister is an incredibly important part of her childhood and remains important to her in adulthood.

To me, that makes her a "gamer", regardless of whether she's played Baldur's Gate, Half-Life, and Ocarina of Time, or not.

Comment Re:If they really want to help the situation... (Score 2) 44

I agree, but the problem with spam is that it is just so goddamn cheap to send.

It's not an economic problem like drugs are, because it doesn't require the massive resources a successful drug empire does: it can be one guy, a huge botnet, and virtually cost-free spam messages. Add to that the difficulty in tracing a message back to an individual computer (let alone a computer running a botnet), and it's almost impossible to keep these guys down.

Comment The Week (Score 2) 285

I love The Week. It's a reasonably objective collection of the best news articles/opinions each week. Each Sunday, I sit down with a cup of coffee for a half hour and get a broad overview of what happened in the world that week, and what people said about it.

It's basically a printed new aggregator, showing only the most insightful and informative opinions (from all sides) each week -- the exact opposite of the Internet news I consume daily.

Comment Re:Problem with releasing an underpowered console (Score 1) 117

This is my major sticking point, too. I upgraded to a PS2 for DVD and component video, and I upgraded to a PS3 for BR and HDMI. So I could get a PS4 and have... BR and HDMI?

Not to mention that my PS2 played PS1 games and my PS3 played PS1/PS2 games, meaning that each time I could just swap the console out and keep my current library -- I always had great games to play on them.

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