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YouTube Legally Considered a TV Station In Italy 254

orzetto writes "Italian newspaper La Repubblica reports that YouTube and similar websites based on user-generated content will be considered TV stations (Google translation of Italian original) in Italian law, and will be subject to the same obligations. Among these, a small tax (500 €), the obligation to publish corrections within 48 hours upon request of people who consider themselves slandered by published content, and the obligation not to broadcast content inappropriate for children in certain time slots. The main change, though, is that YouTube and similar sites will be legally responsible for all published content as long as they have any form (even if automated) of editorial control. The main reason for this is probably that it will force YouTube to assume editorial responsibility for all published content, which facilitates the ongoing € 500M lawsuit of Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi against YouTube because of content copyrighted by Berlusconi's TV networks that some users uploaded on YouTube. Berlusconi's Spanish TV station, TeleCinco, was previously defeated in court on the grounds that YouTube is not a content provider."

FBI Raids Texas ISP For Anonymous DDoS Info 120

jcombel writes with this link to The Smoking Gun, which says "As part of an international criminal probe into computer attacks launched this month against perceived corporate enemies of WikiLeaks, the FBI has raided a Texas business and seized a computer server that investigators believe was used to launch a massive electronic attack on PayPal." Computerworld has a story, as well.

Democrats Crowdsourcing To Vote Palin In Primaries 1128

SharpieMarker writes "In what could be the most extreme and influential crowdsourcing project ever, Democrats are beginning to organize to purposely vote for Palin in the 2012 Republican primaries. Their theory is by having Palin as an opponent, Obama will have the best odds at winning reelection. Recent polls have shown that Obama comfortably leads Palin by 10-20 points, but Obama is statistically tied with Romney and barely ahead of Huckabee. They even have a state-by-state primary voting guide to help Democrats navigate various states' rules for voting Palin in Republican primaries."

Comment Re:NEVER talk to the police. (Score 1) 372

"You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you may later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence." they only imply that they will infer your guilt due to silence, doesnt mean its true though or proper or right, but LOL you belived a police man LOL (not you strictly but OP)

Comment Re:pardon me if I don't have much sympathy. (Score 2, Insightful) 533

Exactly, assume everyone is trying to kill you. you maybe in the right but you may also in the hospital if you dont. just reading these posts is a good demonstration of other trying to blame any /every one else for something that you have a fair amount of control over. it is after all your life and NOBODY really cares about it even 1/2 as much as you , please look after yourself

Comment clearly (Score 1) 339

clearly the public perception of the danger is lesser than the systems perception of the offence. that is to say that those that talk and drive mostly havent killed anyone (yet). thus its hard toi get it into there head that it might be dangerous. more people have died the year due to swine (mexican) flu this year than have died due to mobile phone use . and nobody thinks swine flu is a danger on the roads

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