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Comment calendar, calendar, calendar (Score 1) 457

Just wait for College to start. Of the social media tools available, there's nothing better for calendar and social event management.

How do you quickly invite tens, dozens, hundreds of people to a party, rally, debate, play, show, election orsports event and keep them in the loop for time, location, theme updates? What tool do you use to maintain membership to a dozen groups, academic, social, or otherwise?

There's a lot of fluff to Facebook, but for certain use cases, it is untouched.

Comment Innovation in benchmarking (Score 3, Insightful) 129

My go-to sites are those which go beyond the benchmark and get real-world data beyond a 3-minute number crunch.

HardOCP had their custom heatsink with the thermo-probe for more reliable temperature measurement.

Techreport has been phenomenal over the years in this. They built a custom PSU tester to test the loads of any or all of the rails at once. Then they had their "inside the second" articles diving in to frame latency, which led to better Radeon drivers. More recently, and still running, is their SSD deep-cycle test, which is already showing blocks beginning to fail on SSDs.

The innovation factor and time taken to really dive in are things I don't see elsewhere.

Comment Re:Phone Feature Wishlist (Score 1) 71

I can give you a list of about a dozen phones which fit the bill, other than number 11. You'd be better off with an external Li-Ion battery like Energizer/XPAL. They come in many sizes, the smallest of which holds enough juice to charge an average smartphone to full at least once, in my use usually twice. You may also look into the inductive mats. The battery capacity is reduced a bit, but if you are typically listening to your music in your car or at your desk, you can leave the phone on the mat and it will stay juiced up.
Data Storage

SSDs vs. Hard Drives In Value Comparison 263

EconolineCrush writes "SSDs hardly offer compelling value on the cost-per-gigabyte basis. But what if one considers performance per dollar? This article takes a closer look at the value proposition offered by today's most common SSDs, mixing raw performance data with each drive's cost, both per gigabyte and as a component of a complete system. A dozen SSD configurations are compared, and results from a collection of mechanical hard drives provide additional context. The data are laid out in detailed scatter plots clearly illustrating the most favorable intersections of price and performance, and you might be surprised to see just how well the SSDs fare versus traditional hard drives. A few of the SSDs offer much better value than their solid-state competitors, too."

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