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Comment tax and political education needed.. (Score 1) 325

Who cares if they make money with an image of tenochtitlan? Just make a decent earning tax regime for foreing companies instead.
They care more about a long dead Aztec artist than about the Mexicans that are dying right now in their own time in hands of sub-human employment conditions.

Not the first time I read something like this and sadly not the last time I'm going to hear it.

Comment It's impossible not to reflect ideology (Score 4, Insightful) 244

Everything we do has an ideological/political/philosophical charge on it, not only in the interpretation but in the creation process itself; and videogames are definetly not the exception. You don't have to go to Wolfstein or Rise Of The Triad to check that.

We fight for freedom and justice in COD4 today as Rambo did in the 80's, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. As Nikita Khrushchev once said, the press is our chief ideological weapon, and if you think videogames are not press, then you're 20 years behind.

Comment Re:To whoever tagged story as uk (Score 1) 157

that and the fact anyone from "North America" believes that they are the centre of the universe, and anyone else doesn't count.

Believe me, it's a lost cause. I live in Argentina but speak English most of my working time. At first I use to discuss this with my colleagues all the time, but then I took it as a naming convention, as they don't even have a proper designation for people from the US apart from "American" (say "Unitedstatian" or something like it wouldn't sound very good).

Only problem is some native spanish speakers are starting to take "Americano" as a literal translation of "American", and this is indeed a very wrong designation, which might get people not to like you very much if you use it. Proper spanish translation is "Estadounidense".

On the other hand, generally accepted proper Spanish-English translation of "America" is "the Americas".

+ info:

Comment is it too much to ask for both? (Score 1) 834

I'm aware that the situation might be different in the US (assuming you live in the US), but if you really like what you do, I see no reason not to do both at the same time.

I'm about to graduate as an Informatics Engineer (in Argentina the Engineering degree is between a Master's and a Doctorate) and I've been working full-time in this bussiness since I started my studies.

Far from being an isolated case, this is actually a common situation among undergrads. It helps to pay college, get experience, and make contacts.

Isn't getting your Master's and working at the same time an option in your case?


Is a $72.5m Opening Weekend Enough For Star Trek? 820

brumgrunt writes "At first glance, JJ Abrams' Star Trek has won over audiences as well as critics as it stormed to a $72.5m US opening weekend. However, Den Of Geek sounds a note of caution. Can it hold an audience for a second week? How do its numbers stack up? And as Wolverine looks like its struggling to reach $200m off an $85m opening weekend, is Star Trek yet the huge hit blockbuster that some of the headlines are suggesting?"

Comment Slack 7.1 on a 400MHz Celeron (Score 1) 739

400MHZ Celeron
32 MB Ram
4 or 6 GB Hard Disk

It was a Slackware 7.1 I got from a local magazine I used to read. I was around 12 years old back then, so time to work on my projects wasn't really a problem. It took me 2 days (at that age that's like 16 hours of uninterrupted work) to make the X server work. I also remember making work the SpeedTouch 330 USB ADSL modem was a nightmare, and took me at least 2 weeks; but I really can't recall if it was with Slackware or Debian.

3 days ago I installed Ubuntu on my new laptop, it took around a minute for the live CD to automatically detect every single device on the computer. We're definetly not that far from Skynet.

Comment Re:Summary is hopelessly wrong... (Score 1) 492

Obviously, this is never going to work. The cat is already out of the bag, so to speak. What's important now is determining the likelihood that an aggressive nation bent on insane policy will use nuclear weapons on their neighbors... oh, wait, that seems to describe North Korea.

Define "aggressive nation". I'd define it as a nation that attacks other nations with no real self-defense purposes, sometimes using non-funded safety reasons to justify the military operations it uses to achieve political/commercial/strategic objectives. Does that ring any bell?

Comment I wouldn't worry that much (Score 1) 940

I've travelled in and out of the US quite a lot of times in the last 12 months, and not being a US citizen you'd think they'd check better... well they don't , imagine that if they have to check everyone's hard disk, they'd take a lot of time for every board. At the most, they will ask you to turn on the laptop just to make sure it's a laptop and not a case that you use to put something else inside. Just be cool and don't start talking about privacy violations while you're waiting in line, that's the worst you can do.

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