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Comment Re:SD and not micro SD is useless (Score 1) 24

For clarity, I am currently downloading a video onto my MicroSD card from my Android app. So yes, "SD Card" is generalized to "external storage". I have no idea what the consumerist.com write-up means by "The feature doesn’t support any and all Android devices that have a microSD slot, either".

Fixed the quote for you.

I guess what this means is that there are some devices that can't use SD. I don't know what the constraints are... maybe it only works on devices with sufficiently-good hardware DRM (there are various levels, and Netflix does adjust its behavior based on what your hardware has), or maybe it only works if the SD card is configured as adopted storage (which is encrypted for security, making it also unusable for sharing Netflix videos). Or maybe The Verge is just wrong and it does work on all devices. Or something else.

Comment Offline content (Score 4, Interesting) 24

Offline content doesn't have an expiration. Playing it does. So if you download in the US, then store it for 12 months to play elsewhere, it'll eventually refuse to play. But it's still there, unless you delete it. You just connect, open Netflix, go to your downloads, and click on it, and it'll play locally, after a quick check to the servers that it would be playable if you were to stream it.

Actually quite reasonable of a restriction. I've found stuff lasts about 2 weeks, but not everything expired at the same time, so that may not be a firm number (or I could have started looking at a time in the middle of an expiration period).

So if you are not trying to game the system, you can download at home, play on the bus (while connected via 3G) and 100% of playback will be from local, and nothing will ever expire. Also, if you open netlfix daily at home, but play offline at work, you shouldn't see a problem. So the "expiration" is over-stated in an attempt to generate clickbait to get people angry over the limitations that seem quite reasonable.

Comment Re:I call BS (Score 1) 136

The trouble with your argument is that it is essentially saying "what the voters actually wanted doesn't make sense, but let's do something".

The thing is, I have yet to meet a voter (as far as I'm aware) who wanted any of the usual stereotype positions ascribed to entire groups of voters by the media and/or strident believers in some other point of view.

The vast majority of people I've spoken to about Brexit basically wanted to maintain some degree of ties with the EU, but didn't want to follow the "ever closer union" direction it's going in. Some ultimately came down on the side of Remain, hoping that the situation can be fixed from within and trusting that the UK's various exemptions would protect us in the meantime, or feeling that the short term damage and/or general uncertainty about leaving wasn't worth the risk. Some ultimately came down on the side of Leave, hoping that some alternative arrangement would suit all parties, but feeling that the limitations on being able to forge our own path if we remained in were too great and/or that it wasn't realistic to remain a member while claiming ever more special rules just for us. In some cases, views on the likely future of the EU itself also played a part, either seeing it as a positive influence for say preventing wars, or as a risk say because the underlying European economic situation still doesn't look good.

I don't see anything nonsensical about any of those positions. They're just weighing up various factors, all of which would probably be true to some extent, but reaching different conclusions about how they balance.

However, none of those people were hardcore Europhiles who thought there were no potential benefits to leaving, xenophobic nationalists who thought all immigrants were evil and EU membership had no benefits, or that weird in-the-middle group who apparently think we should have Brexit but then somehow stay in all the parts of the EU that actually affect us anyway. To me, those three positions are all logically inconsistent with the evidence and/or themselves, but the way a lot of the reporting (and, frankly, a lot of the comments in online forums) have been going, you'd think they were the only options.

Comment Re: So what can I, as a 30 YRO male, do? (Score 1) 157

"Healthy young child goes to doctor, gets pumped with massive shot of many vaccines, doesn't feel good and changes - AUTISM. Many such cases!"

He's clearly come out anti-vax. Probably more to pander to the idiots, than for any personal belief, as his kids were vaccinated, but he's supported anti-vax.

Comment Re:Pretend this is slashdot (Score 1) 157

Just because you have to buy private for-profit insurance doesn't mean that a for-profit hospital will set up in your town. The "solution" is to cut costs by eliminating the profit motive in insurance and carers. Just that should eliminate 30-50% of healthcare costs (10%-15% profit, and the 10%-20% of a company dedicated to increasing profit but unrelated to services, times two middlemen). Having basic insurance doesn't guarantee access to health care. That was proposed, and shot down by the Republicans who would rather the poor just crawl under a rock and die.

Comment Re:Pretend this is slashdot (Score 1) 157

The current status in the US should assume that 100% of adults have herpes (passes by mouth, and is asymptomatic in most cases), HPV, and Toxoplasmosis. To assume otherwise is silly. There has not been a study into the rates of those in adults, corrected (or correlated with) demographics. It's not high on the list to narrow down the level of "common" diseases to who is more likely to have it, and how they get it. Treating it in 100% of the population would be the goal, due to the level of infection.

Comment Re:Privacy? What privacy? (Score 1) 73

terrorists and other criminals faking their identities will be more easily detected.

Objection. Assuming facts not already in evidence.

They already check to see who you are when you enter or leave the country and you are required to show ID. You have no privacy now.

That assumes the border database is inaccessible to all other governments and government organizations. Again, something that hasn't been shown to be true.

Most likely, the database will be open to all law enforcement, and if so, the privacy of someone not at the border would be reduced by this system.

Comment Re:Basic income (Score 1) 683

Hilariously, said candidate wants France to imitate the US, in pursuing oversea citizens - if US people live in a country where they didn't pay as much as they would pay in the US, you get them to pay what's missing to the US treasury. That would apply to French overseas citizens paying what they didn't pay to the French treasury.

Currently the US is the only country that taxes non-resident citizens (or at least was, last I read up on the subject). The Fair Tax, and many others are replacements would eliminate that.

Yet I'm *relieved* that Trump won and not the other option. It was that bad, Cthulhu would have been the lesser evil.

I blame the Democrats. They should have run Sanders (or Michelle Obama, if they really wanted a female). But they decided they'd rather nominate Hillary and lose the election than nominate anyone else. Hillary *caused* Trump. Hillary was a plant by Trump to get Trump elected. He's been friends with the Clintons for decades, and encouraged Hillary previously. It was all to get elected against her. She was in the race before he was. If she didn't run, he would have waited 4 more years for her to run. It was all a long-con by Trump, and Hillary was the idiot patsy. If she stepped down when the polls showed her losing, Bernie would have won.

The two most hated candidates in history ran against each other.

Comment Re:America! (Score 1) 683

Nothing new. I'm not pro-union. I'm anti-evil. Like the "subprime" crisis caused by rich white bankers, and blamed on poor blacks, I call out inappropriate re-assignment of blame. That some see that as filing me in a particular party or ideology (incorrectly), that doesn't mean I'm a member of those groups.

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