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Comment Yes (Score 1) 22

Yes hello, I came across your advet and would like to know if said item is in good condion and still available for purchase. I am at this time currently traveling abroad and would be buying for my cousin as a gift who lives in your area. May I have you social securit number and bank account? I will arrange for currior pick up.

Comment Move over (Score 1) 416

The only issue is that when when person can vote for more then one person per ballot there is little possible over-site with vote numbers ALWAYS potentaly being far higher then registered voters. Which in a world of diebold machines (still legal in my state; Alaska, and look at he wacky numbers in our congressional election primary and vote) there could be problems (like there none now) with even less ability to sort it out.

Comment That's a big ass wallet. (Score 1) 164

I enjoy my iPad as a useful tool for a variety of things, hauling it around to use a payment method, I don't think so. Subjectively I can't think of a time I would be using my iPad while shopping (I tried using it for a shopping list medium and it just does not work for that). My iPhone, maybe, but thats just one more issue to contend with for it being lost or stolen. It could work of others that live a more metro life then me.

Comment Re:This is why we have a Second Amendment. (Score 1) 2166

As someone that carries an FNH Five-saveN daily, I feel somewhat not antigun and her staff being armed has nothing to do with the 2nd amendment. As a Congresswoman she cold have had armed staff regardless of normal firearms laws. I feel you are using this instance to move a pro gun agenda. This took place in a state with liberal gun laws, if it was where I live a dozen people in the crowd would have been legally armed and perhaps there would have been less carnage. I have no explanation as to why there were no armed civilians there. Someone did something there otherwise the suspect would have gotten away. I also agree this is not a gun issue, this is about a deranged individual taking a literal message from Palin and her kind. Guns are easy to come by regardless of any status or legal metric and time and again we see psycho's with knives and IED's. Do we live in a time where this is going to become common place? Maybe, but we are not all unarmed cattle or D&D players with a made in Pakistan 440c broadsword in our basement.

Comment Simply Allowed (Score 1) 487

For example I have a different name on my social security card then on my passport, both are real and I am a natural born US citizen, then how would any verification work based on that system? Are these self important bureaucrats..... I know the answer. But agerrrrah, I don't want every website knowing for reals exactly who I am. We have already seen a massive increase in "dynamic pricing" and this ID verification will only lead to more greed from advertisers and marketeers.

Comment For me.. (Score 1) 754

I own 2 Macs and 3 iOS's. I love the simplicity, the way they work together, then they started ruining it. I upgraded my desktop to one of the newest and fastest Mac's. I got one with a defective sound card. While I was on hold with -10 teired support. And I shit you not, they told me I needed to update my desktop speaker set. I have a wall mounted yamaha YAS 70 surround sound system, not some $25 per amped pos from WalMart. What the holy fuck, support selling me a new speaker set that is crap by a magnitude of 10! Back on topic, I understand a walled garden for mobil computing (my iPhone is jail broken), but now I question even writing this as it's less and less of a stretch to think Apple is snooping. An AppStore for the desktop is nothing but greedy and controlling. Now to get truly functional software we are going to have to look for it.

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