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Submission + - Kramnik Wins Chess World Championship

n_are_q writes: Yesterday on Friday the 13th, Vladimir Kramnik (Russia) won against Vaselin Topalov (Bulgaria) to claim the title of the FIDE World Chess Champion. The main 12 games in the match ended in a 6-6 draw, so the final battle was waged in the course of 4 games of fast chess (25 minutes per game, 10 seconds per move). The championship was marred by controversy, with the eventual winner, Vladimir Kramnik accused of cheating by the opposing player for his frequent trips to the bathroom. Because of these claims Kramnik refused to play game 5 of the match, where his opponent was awarded a free win. As a result Kramnik was a point down in the match, and played one game more with black than his opponent. The controversy, combined with unusually uncompromising games played, made for one of the most interesting world chess championships in the recent years. Coverage here and here, and excellent play-by-play commentary of the games in both English and Russian can be found here for the tie-break games, and here for the main games.

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