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Comment Re:Institutionalized Prejudice (Score 0) 779

Yep, it'll be a terrific world when everyone is considered equal and no preference is given to anybody because your race, gender, and nationality (and hopefully financial background) doesn't dictate your future prospects.

But until that day, white males will continue to bitch about unfair prejudice and reverse racism even after starting at third base and thinking they hit a home run.

Comment No wonder, Amazon Prime Streaming is awful (Score 1) 96

I subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime and use both for streaming, and Amazon Prime is awful compared to Netflix. It's no wonder that they screwed up their set top box. There's no easy way that's immediately apparent to me on how to search for things that are available for free on Amazon streaming off their website. I've used their app built into Vizio TVs and that sucks too, as searching is again a pain in the ass. They don't even have a standalone app for Windows 8 like Netflix does - it all has to be done through the site which is hard to use. Overall, I love Amazon Prime for the shipping and I like having access to their streaming videos but I use it as little as possible if Netflix has the same show on their service.

Comment Re:idiot (Score 1) 328

Is this really a serious concern? He's already trying to be extradited, who cares if they want him on tax evasion? He's never going to have a trial to make it "legal whistleblowing" and will never be coming back to the US and is trying to get asylum in a country who won't extradite him to the US for espionage, let alone tax evasion.

Comment Re:Personal Responsibility? (Score 1) 578

This isn't about personal responsibility, it's about safety and security. The people who want to ban 3D printed guns (and guns in general) are the people who don't use or want to use guns and want to even the playing field for themselves by getting rid of guns altogether.

Where does the personal responsibility come in? I don't expect the people who are 3D printing guns are all doing it for personal safety and security. I imagine some of them want to print guns so they don't have legal traceable guns and want to go kill people with them and I don't want one of those people killed to be me.

Should we really wait for someone to go on a killing spree with a 3D printed gun or any gun for that matter until they "prove" they can't handle a level of personal responsibility? No, we should probably be proactive about it and limit the ways people can have access to dangerous weaponry.

Why do you find it insulting? When you're given a weapon without training or practice it SHOULD be assumed you're not going to be responsible with it. We require licenses to drive because cars are dangerous without proper instruction, as are guns and most things that we need licenses to operate.

Comment Re:You might think your plumber makes big bucks (Score 3, Insightful) 368

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Bloomberg wants everyone to become a plumber so he could lower his plumbing costs. That's the ticket.

My brother used to work for Bloomberg the financial company as a programmer and he was getting paid a shitload of money for it right out of school. If Bloomberg was speaking purely in his own self interest, he would be telling everybody to be a programmer so he could lower those costs.

Being a plumber is more secure than anything in IT. It's not a job that can be outsourced and it requires some training, so not anybody can do it right off the bat.

Comment Creative people don't work in a vacuum. (Score 1) 126

I work in a creative field (animation and film) and for me the smart phone inspires tons of creativity. Look at all of the amazing apps and games that creative people are doing in this new medium that wouldn't have happened if the developers weren't addicted to their smart phones.

People sitting alone in their living room and being bored doesn't inspire creativity. Creativity is inspired when people surround themselves with other creative ideas and people, and with smart phones, creative ideas and people are closer than ever, right at your fingertips..

Boring people will continue to be bored and uncreative, but creative people will find inspiration in everything, especially in new technologies like mobile devices.

Comment Re:No downside (Score 1) 610

I think the loss of several dozen additional children per year, across society, is far outweighed by the extraordinary benefit to the other 99.999%.

And what benefit is that? Apparently, I benefited from dozens of children being lost per year and I didn't even know about it! Thanks, lost children!

I'm sure their parents feel a little differently though and wish their kids had a GPS tracker on them.

Lots of my friends from the Mid-West and South have lots of stories like yours, about being in the woods, away from the rest of the world and being alone while camping or whatever. While that's all well and good, and you could go start a reality show where you survive the wilderness by snatching fish from the river using only your hands, most of society - me included - grew up or live most of their lives in larger urban areas where they need to depend on other people for their survival. There's nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, humans have created everything we have today because we work better in groups and naturally rely on each other.

The only reason I'd say would benefit people from having their technology taken away and left in the woods to fend for themselves is that they'll learn how linked they are to each other and won't take all of the hard work that people have put into creating the technology and a functional society for granted.

It built a real sense of self-control and the confidence to do things on my own.

I have self-control and confidence to do things on my own as well, and I didn't have to get lost in the woods to do so, but hey, different strokes...

Comment No downside (Score 2) 610

I don't see a downside to GPS tracking your kids. We use GPS on our smart phones to find directions to places in our direct neighborhood. It's ubiquitous. The whole "Children need to find out how to get unlost by themselves" is complete luddite garbage. Children are entering a future where this kind of technology is intrinsically linked to their development. Keeping them inside of a tech-free bubble, just because the parents never grew up with the same technology around them ("And they turned out fine!") is just as bad as brainwashing them into religion at an early age, and yet it's something I often hear from my friends and co-workers who are in the technology industry. I also often see it here on Slashdot whenever someone poses a question on what technology they should introduce to their kids.

Comment Re:what about slashdot? (Score 1) 595

You and the rest of slashdot are people. These are corporations. They hire teams of people whose sole jobs are to limit the tax burden for the company. If other companies are creating tax havens with offshore shell companies and your accounting team isn't then they're not doing their job and should be fired and replaced with a better team. It's up to the government to close the loopholes on the tax code so that these games can't be played.

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