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New Handheld Computer Is 100% Open Source 195

metasonix writes "While the rest of the industry has been babbling on about the iPad and imitations thereof, Qi Hardware is actually shipping a product that is completely open source and copyleft. Linux News reviews the Ben NanoNote (product page), a handheld computer apparently containing no proprietary technology. It uses a 366 MHz MIPS processor, 32MB RAM, 2 GB flash, a 320x240-pixel color display, and a Qwerty keyboard. No network is built in, though it is said to accept SD-card Wi-Fi or USB Ethernet adapters. Included is a very simple Linux OS based on the OpenWrt distro installed in Linksys routers, with Busybox GUI. It's apparently intended primarily for hardware and software hackers, not as a general-audience handheld. The price is right, though: $99."

Comment Re:Seriously would it have been difficult (Score 1) 534

They get a signal today so they must have an error-correction protocol sufficient to the task. So the answer is: encrypt the payload first, then error-correct it, and then transmit. And remember that the value is the real-time viewing of the video to see where the drone is heading. So the encryption doesn't have to be brilliant, leading edge stuff like Blowfish or even AES, it just has to be difficult enough to crack that the, uh, payload is delivered before the bad guys can decrypt the stream and view it.

Comment Insulation! (Score 1) 571

Glass, plastic, whatever -- it's got to be insulated to retain the heat, the warmth, the life. If it's not an insulated container, the coffee gets cold and the flavor changes to bitter. Those who drink their caffeine cold also require insulation for the complementary reason - the warmer it gets, the more you can taste it (whatever "it" is).

Comment Re:And Slashdot can fix it: (Score 1) 305

My PalmPilot did this routinely in 1998. A client with CPU, display, and storage.
My PalmPilot would synchronize this information with a PC. A server.
I kept my various lists on it.
Filing date is 2001.
I'm sure I could find earlier examples dating back to the 1970s.
Why is this hard? And why did the Patent Office accept this filing?
Data Storage

Submission + - Memory a thousand times faster 1

paleshadows writes: Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania developed a memory device that is more energy efficient and a thousand times faster than existing portable memory devices (such as Flash memory and micro-drives) and that can store data for 100,000 years. At the heart of the new device are nanowires that are 30-50 nanometers (100 atoms) in diameter and 10 micrometers in length, fabricated on silicon substrates. With very low per-bit power consumption during data encoding (0.7mW) and data writing/erasing/retrieval at 50 nanoseconds (1000 times faster than conventional memory devices), the announcement made by Penn University says that "this new form of memory has the potential to revolutionize the way we share information, transfer data, and even download entertainment as consumers."

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