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Submission + - South Korean firm LG has first dual DVD player

An anonymous reader writes: The first DVD player to play both rival high definition DVD formats has been announced by South Korean firm LG. The dual-format player will be able to play the Sony-backed Blu-ray discs and the Toshiba-led HD DVD discs. The introduction of two next-generation formats has split both the electronics industry and Hollywood film studios. The player will be launched at the same time as a hybrid double-sided Blu-ray HD DVD disc, developed by Warner Bros. The Total HD discs and the LG player will both go on display at the Consumer Electronic's Show (CES) in Las Vegas that starts on 8 January.

Geminid Explosions On Moon Visible To Amateurs 28

saskboy writes "The ET scanning project SETI@Home was wildly popular, and the mock project Yeti@Home much less so, but soon there will be a chance for the enthusiastic amateur astronomer to combine those two scanning techniques and spot explosions on the moon with simple telescope and camera equipment at home." From the article: "'On Dec. 14, 2006, we observed at least five Geminid meteors hitting the Moon,' reports Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office in Huntsville, AL. Each impact caused an explosion ranging in power from 50 to 125 lbs of TNT and a flash of light as bright as a 7th-to-9th magnitude star... 'The amazing thing is,' says Cooke, 'we've [caught explosions] using a pair of ordinary backyard telescopes, 14-inch, and off-the-shelf CCD cameras. Amateur astronomers could be recording these explosions, too.'... [NASA will] soon release data reduction software developed specifically for amateur and professional astronomers wishing to do this type of work. The software runs on an ordinary PC equipped with a digital video card. 'If you have caught a lunar meteor on tape, this program can find it.'"
Data Storage

Submission + - SanDisk makes full solid state hard drive

Bob_Geldof writes: Apparently Sandisk are trying to beat out Samsung (who have already announced a 32 GB flash drive) by announcing their own 32GB flash drive, to be debuted at CES 2007 (sucks/flash/video/crap). I consider these to still be fairly expensive, ballpark $19/GB. Personally I think this could only be useful when used in tandem with a traditional hard drive and an operating system that intelligently utilizes both drives.

Submission + - Blame Programmers for Hard-To-Use Software

innocent_white_lamb writes: Programmers are to blame for the difficulties that users encounter when using software, according to this article. Programmers don't think the same way as users do, and design programs to suit the way that they think the work should be done rather than the way that the work is actually being done.
Linux Business

Submission + - How would you sell Linux?

DF5JT writes: "Imagine: You have at your hand a fully equipped office, a staff of two telesales agents and 3 months to show that Linux in itself is a product that you can sell. Your goal is to penetrate SMBs that usually run Windows on all their servers and desktops and try to convince them that Linux is a veritable alternative, both from a technical and financial side.

How would you do it, who would you talk to and specifically, what would you try to sell them on the phone?

Would you mention Vista and its downsides? Would you mention terms like vendor-lock-in, proprietary standards and Trojan attacks? Or would you stick to Linux' advantages and emphasize Open Source as a development model, costs of licensing and Open Standards?

Tell me your view, because I'd like to learn about your experience, since I have now at my hand a fully equipped office, a staff of two telesales agents and 3 months to show that Linux in itself is a product that I can sell."

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